Housing.com introduces Housing apps new Flatmate service

Housing.com introduces Housing apps new Flatmate service

Two guys, in their mid twenties with an unforgettable smile in a Sunday afternoon relishing the hot coffee in their new flat and relishing their new game collection-  well, that’s what you feel like when you log on to the brand new, Flatmates section of Housing.com.  The concept of Housemate is nothing new, especially in India. Indian culture is all about mutual trust and understanding, and the whole notion of roommate nourishes the bond or rather the friendship. But you may certainly say how come you get the affordable flat and that too in your budget in your city? Well, the answer is simple and easy. Log on to Housing.com from your smart phone or tab or PC or install the mobile app, and then you just set your search and the next is history! Interestingly the app is compatible be it on Android or even iPhone. 

Why Flatmates?

The last few years in India have witnessed huge growth in the real estate sector.  Be it Delhi or Pune or Bangalore or Kolkata or even cities like Ahmadabad or Noida, there is huge splurge of real estate properties. For the first time in the history of Indian industrial growth, there has been considerable stress on organized apartments, where latest technologies are afforded at an amicable price, giving maximum priority to healthy living. When it is about India and real estate, the safest bet is obviously none other than Housing.com. It has not only brought in a sea change to how people look at vacant flats, but also Housing.com has changed the face of consumer market research.



There is no point in dialing numbers looking at print ads in newspapers or asking your friend settled previously. The process is easy, where you just need to download and install the Flatmate app and go on with your customized search. And you need not worry as the whole process is free and Housing.com is extremely reliable as the brand itself is already a top notch one.  Now the question of Flatmates comes from the changing trend in jobs. Often people are compelled to settle in a different city than their native places. Salary in the beginning may not be that much to buy a duplex flat near the heart of the city. The best thing can be sharing a flat or even with your long lost friend. But how is it possible to meet such friends? Well, Housing.com now offers answers to these problems too. The in-built chat option enables every consumer to get in touch with a probable roommate and in no time you can simply decide your flat mate for next 12 months or 3 years.

What’s next?

There is no point in delaying your shifting and cursing your boss or your placement cell officer.  Even if it’s a new city with a completely different outlook than what you’re used to, Housing.com brings in whole lot of opportunities for you as far as your new home is concerned. And there is additional confusion whether you are paying in excess or the middle man is making a fool of you, as Housing takes ample care of the fact that your choices and priorities are given maximum importance.  Hurry up! Insert your details and browse the available options. You may just begin your new life with a new roommate today!