Here Are Smart Study tips For JEE Nobody Told You

Here Are Smart Study tips For JEE Nobody Told You

Cracking the JEE is definitely not an easy task and as it is conducted on an all India basis, a lot of candidates will be competing for the top ranks to get admission in the top engineering colleges across India. So, you need to be among the top levels to crack the JEE and get admission in your dream engineering college. So, you need to take some advanced practice in the competitive pattern and also plan the preparation for best results. 

Some special tricks to crack JEE mains and JEE advanced

Let us take a look at the special tricks which will help you to get through the JEE mains and JEE advanced exams.

  • Know your own strong points and weaknesses

Firstlyself-assessment, as in knowing owns strong points and weaknesses are very important. The easiest way is to test your knowledge and skills. There are many online test forums and the respective JEE mains rank predictor as well as JEE advanced rank predictor through which you can access your current position and the level of practice you need.

  • Know the syllabus and plan your progress

The whole preparation of JEE exams should be in a planned way and you have to note down the JEE mains syllabus or JEE advanced syllabus and plan the main areas to lay stress on. As the syllabus is quite large, you need to do selective studies for best results.

Planning for the JEE exams is very important for knowing your strong points and also the weak points and turning the weak ones into strong ones by practice. If the weak points are not much significant from the exam point of view, you need to ignore them.

The whole planning of the preparation for JEE mains 2016 and JEE advanced 2016 also includes the time for studying and the preparations.

  • Practicing the previous year’s question papers and understanding the exam pattern

Then start solving the JEE mains 2015 question paper and JEE advanced 2015 question paper. It will help you understand the exam pattern and the previous year’s question paper will give you some taste of the exam level and also improve your preparation. The JEE advanced 2015 solutions will also come handy in the preparations for matching the results and accessing the preparation level.

  • Take expert help from online resources

Internet is like an ocean of knowledge and you need to make maximum use of that. Once you have noted down your fields of weaknesses, you can take expert notes, lectures and advances question solving techniques to clear the concept. Once the concept is clear, you can easily convert the points of weaknesses into your strong zones.

  • Understand the value of time

The competitive exams like JEE requires a lot of time efficiency. You need to practice and keep on practicing until you achieve perfection. It is also better if you keep in touch with some online medium to keep a track of your progress with the others. A lot of online mock test papers are available by which you can have a continuous evaluation of your level of practice which is most important. 

Some points to keep in mind while preparing for JEE

Here are some points which you need to remember:

  • Don’t over study. You need to know your strong points and polish them for best results. Over studying will tend to weaken your strong points.
  • Don’t spend much time in the hard questions. As time is very precious, you need to solve as many questions as possible.
  • Practice as much as possible as that is the only way to perfection.
  • Do a regular brush up or revision of the past chapters so that you don’t forget them.
  • Take help from good competitive books and solve past year’s papers to get maximum help.