Hemingwrite, typewriter digital with a taste a bit retro


Hemingwrite, typewriter digital with a taste a bit retro

Hemingwrite is the prototype of an electronic word processor, complete technology and-ink and Wi-Fi, which responds to the need to write without the distractions offered by the modernity of the internet and the repercussions of nostalgic fans of writing.

There is no doubt that the world of technology, electronics and gadgets to be able to create some particular ideas, eccentric or bizarre. Hemingwrite belongs to this category of inventions, an idea that has taken hold at ‘inside the confines of the fair of Insert Coin 2014, direct competition from Engadget that aims to promote the most deserving inventions helping their developers to implement them.

TechAt first glance this gadget stirs mixed emotions. There is an almost painful impact with nostalgic feelings that its design draws and then it is the turn of curiosity: what is it that the creators of this typewriter trying to offer?

His name, Hemingwrite, is a clue that more obvious as to what are the intentions. The proposal is to a word processor that offers some of the benefits and conveniences of modern technology eliminating all stimuli for distractions, creating a hypothetical perfect environment for any literary acrobatics.

“For those who have not written since the days of high school the ability to utilize an elegant prose is not common. We need all the help you can get.”

Hemingwrite should therefore help writers hardened and new promises of literature and in fact has some interesting feature. The frame of solid aluminum is combined with a mechanical keyboard, really appreciable factor, as well as an e-ink display of 6 inches. Further amenities include a Wi-Fi module and a backup system of cloud that are meant to keep synchronized the device with Evernote and Google Docs.

According to the creators their typewriter has a ‘autonomy of 6 days, perfectly suited to live in the woods “as Thoreau”.

Currently Hemingwrite is just a prototype and will have to wait for the final stages of the ‘Insert Coin 2014 to find out if it has a future in the market of gadgets.