Heat Map Microwave with thermal camera


Heat Map Microwave with thermal camera

Microwave ovens are popular today in a widespread manner, but have some limitations, the inventive seeks to overcome.

gadgetHeat Map Microwave renews microwave ovens , now present in many homes, known for their practicality. Every now and then come the discordant views on the effects, but their spread continues. One of the problems perceived by users is that not always the food is heated in a homogeneous and adequate with excesses in either direction.

The device of which we are concerned wants to help solve the problem, promising to bring useful information to the correct values ​​of temperature food placed inside. At the moment it is a patented concept, but expects to take the trade route. The difference compared to conventional models derived from the addition of a thermal camera built-in, which I vaguely remember the military world, where perhaps this technology has found the first applications.

The idea Heat Map Microwave is signed by Mark Rober, former engineer of NASA , the legendary US space agency. The monitoring device is placed under the plate of the oven, to scan the foods on the floor heat. A screen placed in the front, in the middle of the door, allows an immediate view of the thermal geography, illustrated by different colors. One can observe in real time the heating of the food, with a color range that goes from blue to red, to arrive to yellow and white, which alerts the achievement of the optimum temperature.