Great advantages of a custom Android ROM and some inconvenience

Great advantages of a custom Android ROM and some inconvenience

Custom Android ROM is one of the great assets of the Google platform. They are developments made by third parties taking advantage of the possibilities of Android as an open source system. Which allows its creators to obtain the code, modify it and/or add functions and support for a specific model of smartphone or tablet.

The offer of ROM Android is very broad and portals as xda-developers is an authentic source of wisdom for compulsive testers (like the one who subscribes) and for any type of user who wants to use them. The site is the largest ‘world’ kitchen of this type of development and in addition to ROMs. It offers kernels, mods, installers, rooteadores, themes, icons, tools, tutorials, and in general, a vast amount of resources with everything necessary to install the system images. Forums like the HTCMania, are a great help for those who only handle in Spanish.

Not everything is positive. Manufacturers add interfaces on the official Android, custom apps, components whose support is closed on most occasions and bootloaders that complicate the creation of these developments. Custom Android ROM is not available for all models and their installation is usually not easy for a user on foot, although it varies greatly depending on the ROM and device.

Advantages of a custom Android ROMcustom Android ROM

Once you do “with the controls” of this art, you will not stop (be it for pleasure or necessity) until you find the development that works best on your mobile or tablet. Taking into account the strategy of most manufacturers, it is probably the only way to update the device and thereby extend its useful life.

Access the latest version of Androidcustom Android ROM

It is the clearest reason for a user to attend these developments. With honorable exceptions, most manufacturers take weeks, months or years to update their devices to the latest versions of Android. Or they just never do it for commercial reasons (selling new terminals). Even when the smartphone is in use and has the hardware to support it.

Some of the great custom ROMs offer even once installed automatic updates with a simple click. Special mention for the Nexus, that Google itself is directly responsible for their updates. As new versions of Android are available although even in this case if Google does not do it with old equipment. A customized Android ROM can be the solution to give new life to the terminal. Keep reading- THE OPPO F9 IS A MID-RANGE MOBILE THAT COPIES THE ‘MINIMALIST NOTCH’ OF THE ESSENTIAL PHONE

Replace the interfaces of the manufacturers

All major manufacturers customize their terminals with a user interface as a layer above the official Android that we know as stock. Some are well done and worked or have useful applications for the user. Others are less and also penalize performance. There is everything. Some users like it and not others The good thing is that the ROMs of third parties offers you the possibility. In addition to updating the system, to test, maintain or remove this type of interfaces.

Remove Bloatwarecustom Android ROM

As happens when you buy a PC with Windows, the amount of junk applications installed by the manufacturer is remarkable. Applications that you have neither asked for nor surely need and that take away storage capacity, memory. And performance, not to mention those that invade your privacy for example by storing personal data in the clouds of the manufacturers without you having decided expressly. There are other ways to remove this bloatware but the most effective is to install a custom ROM.

Additional features and greater customization

Another strength of custom Android ROM is the addition of new features that are not available or are so hidden that they are not usable in the system of the manufacturers. They also offer additional adjustments to improve virtually all terminal management options, including increased performance or autonomy as needed. Themes, skins, icons, unlock and a long etc are added in this chapter.

A separate issue is the best permission management usually offered by these developments. Although the latest Android versions have improved and much in this regard. Finally, citing the greatest possibilities to decide whether or not to use Google apps. In the official stock versions, it is almost impossible to get rid of them. While some of the manufacturers insist that you use yours. With a personalized ROM, you decide.

Disadvantages of a custom Android ROMcustom Android ROM

Not all are advantages, although as we said it depends a lot on the device. And the ROM that we use, in general, we can find problems such as:

These developments are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and may cause problems in the event of a breakdown. It’s not common, but make sure you can go back to the original ROM.

Some ROMs optimize performance but can drain the battery faster than the official one. They are not all and others are committed precisely, on the contrary, increase autonomy

Developers do not have access to all controllers and cannot support each component of the terminal. Which can result in hardware that does not work as well as it should? These bugs are usually cited in the release notes of each custom Android ROM

The custom ROM has not been tested in the way and resources that the manufacturer does so it may suffer unspecified errors, instabilities or reboots. The positive note is the ease with which we can test kernels. And ROM to find the most suitable for our device.

Do not panic. The advantages far outweigh the few inconveniences, inevitable on the other hand. There is not a single method to install these ROMs. Which basically involves unlocking the bootloader, root the terminal if necessary and install the custom image. We will remember some step by step with certain devices in a future article as we have offered you in the past.

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