Google patents a keyboard for the real-time translation


Google patents a keyboard for the real-time translation

Will never see the light this virtual keypad made by Google for the real-time translation

The project to which we refer was patented a few years ago, but still has leaked online and that’s why I talk about it late, aware, however, that Google might have deserted him, to focus on other types of technology. We are talking about a virtual keypad – what you see in the picture opening – which enables the real-time translation between two parties. We need to see the operation.

GadgetThe virtual keyboard is obviously designed to make the most of Google Translate, Translation Service stranoto, much improved over time, but which, unfortunately, will never achieve perfection: a still open debate among linguists that the ability to translate perfectly – and automatically – a source text into a target text. The operation of the software? Very simple, at least to explain: it is a double keyboard that lets you send data in one language and getting it in another; In short, if I write “Hello! How are you?” to an English user, these will see the question “Hi! How are you?”.

We have serious doubts that the project is completed: Google is already experienced the real-time translation with voice via smartphone or tablet (you just turn on the microphone while you are on Google Translate and everything you say will be automatically translated) ; a virtual keypad, in short, there appears to be a big waste of time.