Google Glass, now you can play chess

Google Glass, now you can play chess

Google Glass chess on arriving here you Chess for Glass

If you Google Glass holders, but we doubt it, given the latest involving Mediaworld, you can start playing even chess: not that the glasses have been studied for applications and games of the genre – it certainly imagine – but it is however, something more, something that will be very much appreciated – we are sure – by lovers of the game.

Chess for Glass is well presented by the Mountain View giant:

“Chess for Glass ™ works directly on your glasses. Moves can communicating or simply saying the name or using the touchpad. Feature The others include the choice of the color of the board, the announcement of the moves and the ability to import any engine third party to replace the built-in”.

How does the new Chess for Glass

In other words, you can move your checkers or announcing the move, or with the small touchpad that you find on the side of your Google Glass . Now: because the glasses do not yet support the English language, it is obvious that if you are not versed in how to pronounce, you should opt for the second alternative, a bit ‘less convenient, certainly, but still simple in its operation.

Recall that the Google Glass is not yet for sale in Italy, and then, if you wish to get hold of, you’ll have to import them to the market price of course, plus all applicable Sped: Starts at $ 1,500, which are certainly not the suitable price for the mass distribution of the devices. Our advice, for the moment, is to play chess online.