Google Glass, dangerous use while driving experiment in Florida


Google Glass, dangerous use while driving experiment in Florida

In Florida have shown that driving with the Google Glass is as dangerous as doing it with smartphones and tablets on hand

The experiment was carried out by a team of researchers at the University of Central Florida and was intended to test how dangerous the Google Glass for driving compared to smartphones and tablets. No difference: scholars have shown that carrying out any activity with Google Goggles is risky at the same level of any activity carried out with tablets and phones.

SmartGlassThe experiment is very simple: the research team did send a math problem in a sample of users during a driving simulation; the result was that there was no difference – in terms of risk, of course – in dictating the problem with glasses company or type using a smartphone or tablet at the most.

The reaction of the two types of user

If a car braked in front of the drivers, in fact, both types of users (those with the Google Glass and those with smartphone) were not able to react in time. But we think this would have happened regardless of Google Glass, smartphones, tablets, and so on, it is normal if you are unfocused and not particularly attentive to the activity that I am doing, will not accomplish this task in the best way and, in the case of driving , will combine trouble perhaps irreparable