Google Glass, changes the design in a new patent


Google Glass, changes the design in a new patent

The Google Glass ready to change appearance slightly? According to a new patent, seems so

Google has not announced any change, but, as with many other devices, including the Google Glass to count are the facts and not the official announcements: the USPTO, known patent office has filed a new document related to the design of the glasses of the company. The entire photo gallery is available by consulting the link to the source and highlights, provided that the Mountain View company is interested to make the patent reality glasses similar to the model that we all know, though different in some points.

GoogleThe images show, in fact, look a lot less heavy than what we’re used to: Google Glass these look like real glasses, they give more air to the finished product, which maybe better answers the needs of a wider audience (although, let’s face it, this goal still seems far from being realized: the features that offer the Google Glass, seen a bit of weeks ago, are several, but the price is really excessive and the impression is that the glasses will available only in certain areas).

No details on the technical specifications and features

The design of the Google Glass, in short, seems to be about to change, and this regardless of the technical specifications: in the patent, in fact, are not infornite information of any kind about the features, materials and so on. We’ll see what will be Google’s response to this discovery on the web.