Four Clear Wireless Security System Benefits

Four Clear Wireless Security System Benefits

In a digital age where kids are born with cell phones in their hands and physical wires are gradually disappearing entirely, it’s hardly surprising that the wireless security system has taken over as the new standard When it comes to installing such security systems at home, the immediate and most obvious advantage is of course than of an easy job – with no wires to install, the work is cut by half. However, the benefits of wireless systems go far above and beyond that of an easy DIY job alone – here’s a quick overview of four of the most important benefits of wireless security:

No Wires to Cut – Traditionally, one of the most common…if slightly cliché…ways by which criminals gained access to a property was by simply cutting the wires to the security system. All they needed to do was cut the power, cut the phone lines and/or cut the wires the cameras and you were pretty much left wide open to whatever they had in mind. When using wireless systems however there are no such wires to cut and therefore no such risk of this kind of criminal action. Running on batteries that last for year, you’re still fully protected even if the home itself has no power at all.

Mobile Alerts – Another key benefit of today’s leading wireless alarm systems is how they can be linked with the mobile devices of the property’s owners. The central control box may be fitted with a SIM, which allows it to send and instant message or alert of any kind to the owners as and when the property’s alarm is activated. And what’s more, it can even be set up to send an immediate alert to a local security service or the police emergency services. So when it comes to peace of mind when away from the home, there’s really nothing better.

Insurance Premiums – Home insurance providers just love it when a homeowner makes the effort to protect their home in any way possible. It’s always been the thing to cut insurance premiums by installing an alarm, but as wireless systems are more sophisticated and reliable, it’s perfectly possible to save even more by having one installed. And when you add up the savings made over a number of years, the security system could end up paying for itself and then generate ongoing savings for the long-term.

Interactivity – Last but not least, the better wireless security systems on the market don’t just stop at sending signals to the mobile devices of the owners…they can even be fully controlled remotely. From checking the status of the alarm from a smartphone to watching a live video camera feed via a tablet PC and rather through to making a recording using a computer on the other side of the world, this is elite and comprehensive security the likes of which has never previously been on the cards for the average home. And with the lowest prices to date coupled with the highest level of user-friendliness, no home need be without an extraordinary level of protection.

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