Five Affordable Tech Stocking Stuffers

Five Affordable Tech Stocking Stuffers

With technology it’s safe to assume that the smaller it is, the more expensive it is. While this might often be the case, there are still some fantastic tech items you can snag in time for this holiday season. With the holidays in full bloom and folks scrambling to accrue those last few gifts, why not stock those stockings with more than candy or coal? Brookstone is your one-stop shop for the perfect stocking-sized gadgets on a small budget.

Bluetooth Speakers

Pair your smart phone with quality speakers to bring the music out of the ear buds and into the bedroom or backyard. Have a loved one who loves the pool? There are wireless speakers that float like a pool noodle! Speakers have evolved beyond just oversized headphones or massive boxes. They are now available in plentiful and versatile varieties, big and small, from tabletop to water resistant.

Mobile Charger

Arguably this year’s hottest phone accessory is a mobile charging station. And with smartphones seemingly having less battery life with every model, some extra battery on the go is practically a necessity.


Help your loved one achieve their New Year’s resolution with this perfect gift. They help you stay motivated by tracking running, walking, and even sleeping statistics while also ensuring keeping you fashionable. Fitbit comes in a plethora of color choices and sizes.

Phone Cases

Have a family member with a bad case of the dropsies? There are fantastic butterfingers-resistant models available at bottom-shelf prices. Again, Brookstone has cases by Eyn, LoopPay, and Dash! Whether for an iPhone or iPod, there are options available for any model.

Selfie Stick

No affordable gadget list would be complete without a self stick. A sought-after tool by millennials, it is perfect for capturing life’s candid and not-so-candid moments. And if you’re looking to really wow a loved one, there’s even a model that telescopes into a tripod, complete with a remote control. Perfect for your holiday photos!