How to view and find deleted tweets in 2021

find deleted tweets

How to view and find deleted tweets in 2021

How to view old and deleted tweets? Today we explain how to recover and view old and deleted tweets. And it is that recovering a tweet deleted by a Twitter profile is possible and quite simple. In fact, quite often someone posts something on social media and regrets it soon after, quickly deleting the post or tweet. What many do not know is that there are different tools and websites that make it possible to recover these deleted tweets. If, on the other hand, what you want is to delete all the tweets from your own Twitter account, we recommend that you visit the previous link.

In this case, we are going to explain several tools to recover deleted tweets completely free of charge. But, first of all, why would a user regret deleting a tweet? Well, the answer is quite simple.

Why delete a tweet?find deleted tweets

The effect of posting a tweet on the Twitter user community can be quite significant, especially if that tweet was made by a company or character well known to the public. The fact that this profile decides to delete a tweet may be due to several reasons :

  1. There may be some misinterpretation when writing the tweet.
  2. Negative feelings, such as hatred or contempt for a specific person or group.

To these two reasons, we can add the moment of pressure or stress that the person who writes the tweet and publishes the first thing that comes to mind without thinking about exactly what he is publishing and the consequences and repercussions that it can have on the Internet and On Twitter.

Now, it may be the occasion that we want to retrieve tweets from our own Twitter account or from another profile to which we do not have access. We are going to explain different tools that exist for one purpose or another.

View and find deleted tweets from our own accountfind deleted tweets

Currently, the best way to recover our old tweets is to use the platform where they were created: Twitter. The social network makes a tool available to users so that we can request to see tweets from the past. For it:

  1. We log into our Twitter account and go to ” More options ” on the right side of our screen.
  2. Later we enter « Settings and privacy «.
  3. In “Your account”, we will see several options on the right side. We click on «Download a file with your data» . You will get the following information: «You can request a ZIP file with the data that we believe is most important to you. You will receive a notification in the app when your data file is available for download. You can download it in the app, or if you have a verified email, through the link included in the email you received ».
  4. We click on «Request file».
  5. You will get the following message “We will notify you when your data is available for download.”

This file will be processed by Twitter, which will send us an email when it is ready for download. In addition to the old tweets from our entire timeline, it will provide us with other relevant data from our own Twitter account.

Tools to view deleted third-party tweetsfind deleted tweets

This is possibly the most interesting part of this article on how to recover deleted tweets. The truth is that there are quite a few tools and pages that allow us to recover deleted tweets (either from our own account or from third-party profiles).

  1. Politwoops. It is a tool to recover deleted tweets from politicians. It allows us to search for profiles individually, or content classified by hashtag. This tool also allows us to read deleted tweets from politicians from various parts of the world, without having to search for anything.
  2. Internet Archive. This online website not only allows us to see deleted tweets but also to see how other websites were in the past. It is especially useful in the case of recovering deleted tweets since you only have to enter the URL of the Twitter profile, showing us a history of tweets, deleted or not.

One last trick would be to look at the Google cache, yes, you will have to know more or less the content of the tweet and perform a search in Google to see if Google bots had time to ‘capture’ the tweet.

How to delete all tweets in bulk

It may happen that we want to massively delete all our tweets, or several of them, without permanently deleting or canceling our account. If what you want is to cancel the account, you can do it from “Settings and privacy” in your own account.

If, on the other hand, you want to keep your account, but without tweets, keep reading, because we are going to present you with several tools that will help you in your task.

  1. The best known of all is Tweet Delete. It is the star tool, simple and fast. Tweet Delete allows you to delete all your tweets instantly, as well as allow us to program the tool to automatically delete tweets every certain period of time (for example, every week, every month, or every year).
  2. Another much simpler tool is to Delete All My Tweets. In this case, this tool deletes all your tweets without leaving a trace on your account. It has no other function. Simple and fast.
  3. Another tool that allows us to delete all tweets in bulk is Tweet Eraser. It does the same as the previous two, but also allows us some customization when deleting tweets. Likewise, we do not want to delete all the tweets from our account, but we do want those that have certain hashtags or keywords. This tool will search for this customization and will greatly simplify your task.

Do you know any other tools to recover deleted tweets or to mass delete your own tweets?