Features of Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Features of Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The tempered glass is already one of the most used for the protection of all types of mobile devices materials. In this post, we will answer why tempered glass is already so appreciated for this function. We will see its main characteristics and how it is made.

The protective tempered glass offer for your phone or tablet security. It protects you from any blow, however violent it may be. Also, could you protect it from scratches and scratches?

We don’t need to tell you that protecting your mobile screen is essential. In the case of breakage, it is the most expensive repair.

On the other hand, tempered glass or tempered glass screen protector supposes a minimum investment that will free you from many dislikes, especially if you have bought a mobile phone of the latest generation of either the Apple, Samsung or BQ brand.

Tempered glass characteristics

But let’s see some of the characteristics of this material. It is present in virtually every home, even if we don’t realize its presence. It is equally used in the construction of houses such as wood or aluminum.

Not surprisingly, builders and designers call it the “safety glass.” Why? Because it is used wherever glass is necessary, but there is a certain risk of breakage.

To obtain a tempered glass, it must be subjected to thermal exposure at 635 degrees Celsius and cooled immediately.

This is what makes tempered glass about five times stronger than normal glass.

One of the great advantages of this process is that the crystal, in case of a violent blow, does not splinter but breaks into harmless rounded figures.

Tempered glass absorbs impacts

In mobile devices, what it does is absorb the impact and in case of breakage, only the screen protector is broken, not the screen itself. However. You can already imagine that breaking the tempered glass screen protector requires a very violent impact.

A non-tempered glass usually has a modulus of rupture of between 350 to 550 Kg / cm2, while in tempered glass of quality, it ranges between 1,850 to 2,100 Kg / cm2.

You are returning to other applications for you to check the hardness of tempered glass. We can tell you that it is being used in the oven doors, which have to withstand high temperatures. Keep reading how to remove screen protector.

They are also being used for the manufacture of screens of all types of computers, bathroom screens, windows, glass walls, skylights, terrace covers.

As you can see, crystals that are around us and that have the possibility of breaking. But the safety of tempered glass is maximum, just as its resistance is maximum.

Tempered glass is almost as hard as diamond

The so-called Mohs scale is used to check the hardness of the tempered glass. The mineral with more resistance and occupying the number 10 is the diamond, virtually indestructible.

The tempered glass that we use in the manufacture of our screen protectors has a level on this scale of 9, that is, a point only smaller than the diamond.

That is why they can withstand the most violent impacts. The tempered glass that we offer you also has other advantages that you should not miss.

This type of glass allows the touch on your mobile or tablet screen to be perfect. You can slide your fingers over and use your device as if it did not contain any protector, which is great.

A difference that you should keep in mind when buying a screen protector. This advantage is not offered by gel or hydrogel protectors, much less plastic ones.

Full protection

The world of screen savers obviously also evolves. That’s why we no longer only offer the protector that protects the screen only and exclusively, but we also have a full-screen protector that protects everything. It is something more expensive, but as you cannot escape. It offers much more protection.

All tempered glass screen protectors are very easy to install. The only precaution is to remove dust that may have accumulated on the screen to prevent bubbles from forming. And in less than a minute, you have it ready. We don’t need to insist on the need to buy a tempered glass screen protector.

The mobile and the tablet are of daily use and we are all exposed to any setback. The latest figures indicate that the use of a mobile phone is around three hours a day, hours that increase in the case of the youngest.

It is a device that we use for both leisure and work. In the latter case, we cannot remain without its use for a long period and this is an issue that you have to consider.