EaseUS Partition Master &Disk Copy – Disk management programs review!

EaseUS Partition Master &Disk Copy – Disk management programs review!

EaseUS Partition Master & Disk Copy – Introduction

Sometimes you run into situations in which you run into the shortage of space in your main OS partition or maybe you need to create a new partition. Doing all this with the default disk management tool on Windows is really hard to use and the user interface is really not good for a novice.

This is where you get the option to use the third-party disk management tools. In this post, we will talk about the EaseUS Partition Master which is a great third party disk management tool from EaseUS. This tool comes with features that are really easy to use and helpful. You can resize partitions, you can copy partitions and you can even migrate a whole OS from HDD to SSD.

But these aren’t the only problems you run into with storage on PC. There are times when you need to take backups of a disk or a partition. This is done when the disk is not working properly and you need to take your important files out of the dying disk.

What can we do with EaseUS Partition Master & Disk Copy?

EaseUS Partition Master

As mentioned before, the EaseUS Partition Master can be used as a third party disk management tool and a free partition manager for Windows as it comes with many useful and easy to use disk management features. You can basically do things like making new partitions, resizing new partitions, copying whole partitions and even migrating the OS to SSD without reinstalling the whole OS again. The software is really easy to use and even new people who are trying the software for the first time can use it.

EaseUS Disk Copy

In times of disk failure and sometimes when there are some errors with partitions, you can use a tool that helps you get the data out safely. This is what the EaseUS Disk Copy does. You can easily take a backup by copying the whole disk or a partition using this software.

This also supports the sector by sector cloning which means that you will be able to copy even the bad sectors and then take the important data out easily using this software.

In case you want to see how it is done, you can just check this link and know how to clone a hard drive.