Discover Steamboy


Discover Steamboy

Although the Steam continue to work on your own Steam OS and development system for computers, an independent company has decided to use it to carry out the development of a portable console that play the games room platform, Steamboy.

GoogleSteam OS

For some time, the Steam platform is working on its own operating system, Steam OS, and how this might work well for computers to become the largest distributor of digital games through internet. But while Valve is working to develop this, some independent developers have brought to light Steamboy. This is a Steam-based OS and with which you can play the games of this platform anywhere, without needing a computer near handheld.

This console will therefore eight action buttons, two fire buttons and two other buttons that can control in the back, plus the ability to connect via WiFi and via 3G. It also has a quad-core processor, a capacity of four GB of RAM and an internal memory with a capacity of 32 GB. We see, therefore, it will be a console with some internal power.

Steam games anywhere

According to have secured the creators of Steamboy, we can access the entire library of games from our device, and asserted that it will be something between a remote for Steam and portable as it could be PS Vita console, but waited for survival to be more successful than it was this. Therefore it is proposed as a good option for those who do not always have the computer available to play Steam games but do not want to miss this experience.