Delsey suitcase smart Pluggage an accessory Hi-Tech


Delsey suitcase smart Pluggage an accessory Hi-Tech

We are now contaminated by technology, of which we can not do without, even where until recently we used to do it without problems in his absence. And ‘the sign of progress, which sometimes leads of “vices” additional.

Our inclination towards all that is technological, leads us to live with curiosity landing on the market of any proposed smart. Today we are the smart Pluggage Delsey suitcase, fruit of the innovative spirit of a company that has a long tradition in the field of travel accessories.

GadgetIf the appearance is that of a conventional product, different is the soul of ‘article, whose primary mission is to contain the luggage, but in an innovative framework, the result of the application of the new systems.

It ‘a work tailored to the needs of modern travelers, who enjoy the hi-tech universe. To perform its function is equipped with integrated sensors, which make it controllable using a mobile application. The result of this coupling allows a variety of options.

It can, for example, remote monitor the presence of the suitcase on board, or to find out if some clever tried to inspect the contents, forcing the opening. The product, intended to land on the market soon, allowing other possibilities.

A power supply allows you to charge your smartphone staff, while a display indicates the possible overload, to shelter from the portfolio surprises when boarding. Then there is a system of opening and closing that operates with the fingerprints. Not bad, right? If it took two years to get to the result, there will be a reason …