Creative Muvo, a speaker Bluetooth that will survive to your parties!


Creative Muvo, a speaker Bluetooth that will survive to your parties!

We explored the possibilities of the Creative Muvo Mini, small speakers Bluetooth splash and dust resistant and perfect for outdoor parties.

Now it’s winter and outdoor parties do not talk about – unless you’re passionate about skiing or other activities Nordic or Alpine, however, claim that the “miracle” of snow.

GadgetYet, if you look for the best accessories for an impromptu party, even in the home, the Creative Muvo Mini is exactly the kind of perfect gadget. Almost all now have a smartphone, and almost all smartphones on the market today are able to communicate with other gadgets using Bluetooth. And the Muvo Mini can be hunted in a bag and carried around any where you want to serve the music directly to the surrounding environment.

Compact and robust

There are better ways to listen to our favorite tracks? Sure. But they are not as comfortable nor as robust. The Muvo Mini has an IP66 certification that qualifies it as resistant to spills of liquids and dust or sand, then take it to the beach or on vacation is not at all a bad idea. Its weight is 285g, and suppose that they are almost all batteries – whose duration is close to 6 or 7 hours of continuous play – a little less of 10 Forecasted by Creative. There is an indicator of the level of the battery, unfortunately, and if they miss.

Pair it to a Bluetooth device or NFC is easy. For the first format, just turn on the receiver and look for him, for the second, there is even a space indicated on which to place the smartphone to connect the device. There’s also the usual 3.5mm jack – no need to be wireless to enjoy a couple of portable speakers after all. The sound quality is decent, but obviously it is conditioned by the size of the drivers do not own monumental. If you have a small room, will be filled with music, that’s for sure, but do not expect low thrilling.


Not wanting to cause disasters, I have not taken the Creative Muvo Mini bucketful nor I have thrown it in the bathtub while playing White Rabbit (which quotes, eh?). My tests were much more cautious, and the drops of water poured from a glass they did neither hot nor cold to the device, which now happily continues to play Janis Joplin beside me on the desk.