5 hot typography trends for your website build

5 hot typography trends for your website build

The art of typography is a fascinating foray into a world of beauty. Yet typography is not just a pretty face – it’s a powerful influence over visitors’ perception of your brand and what you have to offer. Here are five of the hottest typography trends that you must harness during the creation of your website.

Before we start, a word on the science of typography. Yes, science. To give you an idea how influential the presentation of words are, check out what the experts say about how we perceive letters, including which fonts we instinctively trust, and which fonts are best for learning difficulties such as dyslexia.

Custom fonts

The time and investment involved in developing your own typeface is well worth the effort. Imagine what it will do for your branding! You won’t be alone either. Industry giants have taken this idea and made it an all-out trend. Brands such as Amazon and Apple have launched their own typefaces for their products. Typefaces were even created during the recent US election (check out BF Tiny Hand).

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Create a clear hierarchy

Content writing prioritises text into title, heading, sub heading and content. Typography hierarchy does this visually. Hierarchy is the art of leading the reader through the right order in which to read content.

Responsive fonts

Responsive fonts adapt well to different device screens without losing their aesthetic appeal or legibility. They’ve been part of designer’s vaults for years and in 2016 the concept became part of the mainstream.

Mix it up

Get involved with your website’s aesthetic appeal. Mix up font types to emphasise your message and see how more than one font amplifies your overall design. Talk to a design expert such as Ecommerce web design Dublin based Ryco Marketing to see how professionals weave business message magic with different choices of font.

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Drama, drama, drama

Use bold text to create meaning and emphasis. Check out the slew of fantastic infographics inviting the world to dive in and find out more. Take a second look – the image will have snazzy font ideas that meld perfectly with the overall feel and message.

That’s what today’s typography offers, a seamless blend of the right feel, context, and legibility, feeding into the overall design and success of your website.