BlackView one Pro Hero Camera Extreme Sports


BlackView one Pro Hero Camera Extreme Sports

Today we were unpacking and completely revised camera BlackView one Pro Hero, comprehensive camera extreme sports in every way, first includes everything you need to use either on land and water, including most accessories you need to use on different computers either bicycle helmets, motorbikes and underwater thanks to the protector that comes with which can reach depths of 30 meters.

CameraThe Blackview Hero 1 Pro includes a screen on the back of 2-inch LCD with a resolution of 960 × 240, is not it the best of all the screen but at least we will have the ability to navigate in the configuration and to view images and videos we have done, not only that because it is built with a speaker and microphone can hear and see what recorded.

It comes with a Sony IMX206 sensor 16 inches with the ability to record video at a resolution of 2304 × 1296 a30fps, 1920 × 1080-60 and 30fps, 1280 × 720 to 60 and 30fps, the battery is 1050mAh us going provide up to 60 minutes of recording at 1080p.

We may use micro SD cards up to 64GB includes an HDMI output, USB port and is also built in Wi-Fi so that it can synchronize your mobile device through an application which can be downloaded directly to your terminal, this point is not me like because the application is not directly available in stores IOS and Android, so you need to authorize your device to download.

Let’s talk about quality, I have been amazed with the results, you can see that the colors are very balanced and real, we have been recording at 1080p @ 60fps in different locations something that could possibly complain about is the audio when recording is not very powerful, a camera for extreme sports so the audio would be considered a background, the images also believe they have been of good quality, bright, crisp but some of them will notice in the fisheye effect due that the lens has a wide angle of 170 degrees, which is not noticeable during the use of the recording.