The best wireless keyboards: our 2019 buying guide

The best wireless keyboards: our 2019 buying guide

Looking for a comfortable wireless keyboard for your laptop or desktop, tablet or smart TV. Whatever the need for it, we have selected for you the best wireless keyboards Bluetooth or WiFi models available in 2019.

As for mice, we equip ourselves with a wireless keyboard for the freedom it provides. In addition, many users seek to minimize the clutter cables of their various facilities. Not to mention the other uses for which wireless keyboards are intended: keyboards for tablets or keyboards to control and seize faster on smart TVs. We have selected for you the 5 best wireless keyboards of the moment for maximum comfort.

The best wireless keyboards of 2019

Microsoft Bluetooth Designer Keyboardbest wireless keyboards

This is a wireless mouse keyboard set that works in Bluetooth on Windows PC (10,8,7) and Android, iOS and macOS. With its fine and sober design, it harmoniously accompanies your machine. The keyboard includes shortcut media keys to control the music and your videos. This wireless Bluetooth mouse and keyboard set are available for 80 $.

Teeno Bluetooth Keyboard AZERTYbest wireless keyboards

This Bluetooth wireless keyboard strikes first with its friendly and ultra-slim design. An aspect that allows it to be extremely portable. It is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS allows a fast and comfortable input. Can be used with a PC, a tablet or even a smartphone. Its other advantage: the price is 9.99 $.

Microsoft All-in-One Wireless Media Keyboardbest wireless keyboards

This wireless keyboard is versatile, lightweight and easily portable. It has a touchpad (touchpad) that allows you to control the cursor without going through a mouse, making it a keyboard ideal for use on a tablet but also on a smart TV. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Android.

It is sturdy and splashproof, has customizable keys above the touchpad. Its wireless connectivity is provided by a USB dongle that comes with it. The keyboard is available at a price of 35 $.

Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard x8best wireless keyboards

The Rii Mini X8 wireless keyboard is a mini keyboard designed to hold in your hands, enough to use comfortably with a smart TV or a mini PC, or even with game consoles. It has a multi-function touchpad that is used to control the cursor, to click, etc. The Rii Mini x8 also features multimedia buttons, directional buttons, a power switch, and a scroll wheel. It is sold at 28 $.

Logitech K400 PLUS Wireless Keyboardbest wireless keyboards

This ergonomic wireless keyboard also has a touchpad that also allows you to use QWERTY keys to effortlessly control your PC or smart TV remotely with Bluetooth connectivity. A USB dongle is provided. It is compatible with Windows, Android and Chrome OS. It comes with AA batteries with an advertised life of 18 months.

So much for our selection of the best wireless keyboard. And finally, if you are a player, do not hesitate to consult our special file reserved for keyboards for gamers wired or wireless. You will find the best models of the moment to play in the right conditions.