Best Vacuum 2018 You Must Know

Best Vacuum 2018 You Must Know

A good vacuum cleaner is the best ally you can have to help with the cleaning of your home. The vacuum cleaner helps you collect dust, spilled liquids, pet hairs, and solid waste in seconds with just one pass and practically without making any physical effort.

There are many different types of a vacuum cleaner on the market, each model is specially designed to fulfill different tasks. So to help you choose the best vacuum cleaner for your personal needs, we have created this brief purchase guide that includes some general concepts and a list of the best vacuum cleaners of 2018.

What factors you should take into account when buying a vacuum cleaner

If you already know that you need a vacuum that adequately meets the tasks in your home quickly and efficiently, you must take into account many aspects, to help you find your ideal vacuum model, we want to provide some important data that are important at the time of buying a vacuum cleaner

PowerBest Vacuum

The suction power is the most important variable when choosing our ideal vacuum cleaner. The amount of power offered by the engine determines what kind of tasks can be performed with the vacuum cleaner, as well as the quality of the results. An electric vacuum for the home should offer at least 600 W of power.

The filtersBest Vacuum

The filters are important. Older models use disposable filters that have to be purchased all the time. However, the most modern and robust vacuum cleaner models use high-quality reusable filters. HEPA washable filters are the best.

Amount of noise it produces.

Noise can be an important factor in choosing the best vacuum because the more powerful the vacuum motor is, the more noise it generates while operating. There are quite a few vacuum cleaner models with the silent motor in the market. Continue reading

Safety advise and recommendations on the use and care of vacuum cleaners

1.Keep the waste deposit empty

When the waste tank touches very high points, the excess dirt stored causes the vacuum cleaner to lose efficiency as the ducts become clogged, this also causes the vacuum motor to work in a forced manner, thus reducing the useful life of the tool.

2.Clean the brushes and filters constantly

Keeping accessories and filters clean at all times guarantees better results during the cleaning process. They also help to keep the vacuum cleaner in optimal condition.

3.Handle the electric cable with care

A common mistake during the use of the vacuum cleaner is to pull the power cable very hard to move it or untangle it. Although the cable can be uncomfortable, it is important to treat it with care at all times since the material is delicate and when pulling it hard, the internal fibers can break easily.

4.Aspirate only dust, dirt or small debris

It is important that the vacuum cleaner is used to vacuum only dust, dirt clumps, food, pet hair or water if the model allows it. What should not be done is to suck small objects like toys and avoid sucking sharp objects such as broken glass. Continue Reading- THE BEST (AND ALSO WEIRD) GADGETS FOR GAMERS

1.Rowenta Compact Power Cyclonic RO3753 ReviewBest Vacuum

The Model Rowenta Compact Power Cyclonic is a practical vacuum cleaner, with a waste tank that can store 1.5 liters. This is a perfect model for different tasks and it turns out to be the best vacuum cleaner you can buy in 2018 if what you are looking for is power and multifunctionality in a single device.

The Rowenta Compact Power RO3753 vacuum includes a practical kit of tips and cleaning accessories, which allow you to easily complete a greater number of tasks. The purchase includes a flexible telescopic tube to increase the reach of the vacuum cleaner, an Easy Brush brush that allows cleaning parquet and all types of wood also include a multifunctional nozzle with two positions, which allows the vacuum cleaner to access joints and corners comfortable way.

This model has a 6.2 m long power cable, which gives it a pretty decent radius of action. The movement is easy and smooth thanks to two rubber wheels on the back and a wheel with 360º movement on the front.

This model has one of the best global ratings for being one of the cheap vacuum cleaners with better technical specifications and the support of a manufacturer recognized worldwide.

Technical characteristics:

Waste tank capacity: 1.5 liters

Color : black / orange

Total weight of the product: 5 kilograms

Filter: HEPA reusable

Noise level: 79dB

Maximum power of aspirated: 750W


Powerful motor that offers 750 W of aspirated.

Perfect for cleaning all types of floors.

High strength plastic.

Does not require a waste bag.

HEPA filter.

Energy efficiency of A + classification.

Easy to store design


It has little effectiveness of washing carpets.

High noise level

2.Bomann CB 947 ReviewBest Vacuum

The vacuum cleaner Model Bomann CB 947 is a powerful portable and comfortable vacuum cleaner that is very useful for cleaning furniture, curtains, frames, books, computers, cars, etc. It has a power of 700W. If you are looking for an economical, practical model that does not occupy much space this model is the ideal vacuum cleaner. It is perfect for cleaning the carpets of cars and for those small areas in which it is difficult to reach.

This vacuum cleaner has a compact and lightweight design but it allows you to eliminate all the dust and dirt with just one pass. Its dimensions of 24 x 12 x 15 cm make it a very useful and easy to use vacuum cleaner model that we can use even in the most difficult and less accessible areas.

With the Bomann CB 947 vacuum, there will be no mobility problems since its power supply cable has a length of 6 meters, which will allow you to move quickly from one side to the other quickly. This model is among the most useful vacuum cleaners for small areas and with greater suction power despite its small size.

The Bomann CB 947 vacuum

The Bomann CB 947 vacuum cleaner comes with a series of very useful accessories: a flexible hose, different nozzles, two brushes and tape to be able to hang it from the shoulder.


Maximum power of aspirate: 700W

Color: silver

Total product weight: 1.7 kilograms

Tank capacity:  1.7 liters

Noise level: 76 dB

Includes cleaning set

Easy cleaning and cleaning filter

Cable length: 6 meters


Lightweight design and easy to manipulate.

Permanent filter easy to clean.

Excellent suction power

Excellent relationship with quality – power – price.


The waste deposit is not very large.

It is not wireless.

3.Polti Forzaspira C110 ReviewBest Vacuum

If you’re looking for cheap vacuum cleaners that also offer durability and good results, the Polti Forzaspira C110 is an excellent choice. This model uses cyclonic vacuum technology, so it does not need a waste bag and thanks to this technology it never loses its power. It is compact, very easy to transport and store. Also with an automatic power regulator and automatic cable reel.

This vacuum is equipped with enough strength to meet all kinds of cleaning tasks, it has an engine that gives it 1400W of suction power on both smooth surfaces and the ground as for other more delicate as the car’s upholstery.

This vacuum cleaner does not contain a waste bag, it has a high-quality HEPA reusable filter, so emptying the waste and cleaning it will be much easier, faster and less unpleasant than with conventional models. It is one of the best Vacuum.

Technical characteristics:

Type of vacuum cleaner: Without the bag

Maximum power: 1400 W

Cable length: 8 meters

Total weight of the product: 6kg

Action radius: 8M

Power: 230V


Its design provides easy access to difficult cleaning points such as joints or corners.

Compact and lightweight design – weighs only 6 kilograms.

Use washable HEPA filters.

Excellent quality and price ratio.

The wide range of action with a cable of 8 meters in length.


It is not able to suck the hair of the animals from the carpets.

It produces a lot of noise when operating.

4.Polti Forzaspira MC330 Turbo ReviewBest Vacuum

The vacuum multi-cyclone Polti Forzaspira MC330 Turbo is a versatile, powerful and ensures energy efficiency vacuum cleaner. This model does not need waste bags since it uses an EPA reusable filter. Cyclone technology inside the waste container constantly spins the waste so that the vacuum does not lose power at any time.

In addition to sniffing dust, pet hairs and spilled liquids, it is also capable of finishing with mites and pollen which makes it one of the best vacuum cleaner for people suffering from continuous allergies.

This vacuum cleaner is able to clean on smooth floors, in corners, and on delicate upholstery very easily. The engine offers a very respectable power that manages to reach 700W.

To ensure better results, this model has an electronic power regulator that can be easily manipulated from the grip of the vacuum cleaner. It is not necessary to empty the tank at any time since the waste tank can hold up to 1.8 liters and offers a quick and easy emptying and cleaning system.

Despite being one of the class A’s cheap vacuum cleaners, this model offers quality and power equally. You can compare it to a cost of around € 90.00. It is one the best Vacuum.

Technical characteristics:

Waste tank capacity: 1.5 liters

Color : black / orange

Total weight of the product: 5 Kilograms

Filter: HEPA reusable

Noise level: 79dB

Maximum power of aspirated: 750W


High performance with low power consumption

Includes cleaning kit for different surfaces

Lightweight design – easy to mobilize and store without taking up too much space.

Long-lasting model

Easy cleaning tank

Good range of action with a 6.2-meter cable.


He is unable to collect ashes.

It can be a somewhat expensive model.

5.Ecotec Conga Duo Stick Easy ReviewBest Vacuum

The Conga DuoStick Easy is a highly versatile vacuum cleaner, it is perfect for quickly vacuuming all types of floors (wood, parquet, vinyl, concrete and ceramics) thanks to its lightweight design and powerful integrated motor, but by becoming a hand vacuum cleaner, It allows you to reach difficult corners or high levels that are uncomfortable to clean with a very large instrument.

The Conga Duo Stick vacuum cleaner has a design that allows it to be used as a vacuum cleaner broom or as a comfortable hand vacuum cleaner. It incorporates cyclonic technology, which allows you to maintain the suction power at all times like the first day. This practical vacuum does not require replacement of bags because the emptying and cleaning of the tank is done quickly and easily.

It allows to vacuum the dirt in all kinds of surfaces and corners of the house, including also mattresses, sofas, etc, thanks to its accessories you can easily access and get a complete cleaning under beds, furniture, and corners.

HEPA filters are responsible for retaining about 99.9% of bacteria and allergens, which is why these models are so recommended because they guarantee maximum hygiene for the home.

Price: get cheap vacuum cleaners that get a good job is not very easy, but in this case, you have hit the nail on the head. You can buy the Conga Duo Stick and enjoy high power and multifunctionality for a price that does not exceed € 37.00. It is one of the best Vacuum in 2018.


Total product weight: 1.6 kilograms

Waste tank capacity: 1 Liter

Cable length: 4.5 meters

Noise level: 80 DB

Vacuum power: 800W

Design with 2 in 1 function: broom and hand vacuum

Cyclonic system

Easy cleaning tank


Use washable HEPA filters.

High level of power

Model convertible to hand vacuum.

Extremely lightweight design and easy to store.

Guarantees class A energy consumption

Includes accessories for a complete vacuum: corners and furniture.

It stays upright on its own.


The power cord measures only 4 meters, so its range is limited.

It can generate enough noise when turning on.

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