The 7 best photo scanner of 2019

The 7 best photo scanner of 2019

We have decided that you would like to know the best photo scanner at the moment. In order to help you, we have conducted a market study. And we have concluded that the best options are the following scanners.

Epson Perfection photo scanner

You do not have to spend a lot of money to have a good photo scanner and we can verify this with this model. It offers us a great resolution, specifically 4800ppp. So the results will always be good, as long as you choose the maximum resolution.

The operation is simple and through a USB cable, you can feed the scanner and send the information to the computer you are using at that moment. That is, it is very practical and avoids having to use too many cables.

It also includes four main buttons to enjoy basic and fast use, without forgetting that the software used is intelligent. So you can make the most of this great machine.

Canon CanoScan scanner

Although in the image it may seem that it is quite large, I assure you that it has an adequate size for this type of scanner.

It is a model that can be characterized as a professional scanner, thanks to which it will allow you to do many jobs. Not only you can scan documents and photos, but you can also scan movies, negatives, slides … that is, it is very complete. It is one of the best photo scanners of 2019.

All the scans are done quickly, although as is to be expected, black documents are scanned more quickly than photographs.

If we look at the quality of the resolution, it is at 9600x9600ppp in movies and 4800x4800ppp in the option of documents and photographs. Without forgetting that in any case, its handling will be simple. Maybe if you have never used a scanner the first few times it is a bit difficult for you and you have to pull the instructions, but you will quickly learn to handle it.

Rollei pdf photo scanner

Another option that will give you very good results when scanning your photos. What’s more, if you do not want to complicate your life. And want to digitize your negatives, this model will give you very good results. It is an option that is fine for domestic use or even for professional use. It is one of the pdf scanners of 2019.

Its operation is very simple, thanks in part to that it can be used even without connecting the scanner to a computer. This is because it has a large screen through which you can see if the scan is appropriate. For this reason, I can tell you that you can use it as a portable scanner.

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Digitnow photo scanner

If you have reels of photos that you have printed or directly you want to scan them in a simple way, now you have a very good option with this option.

In this case, you can enjoy a resolution of 5.1mp, whether you want to scan slides, negative or photos. If we add to this a good speed and a simple operation, we can conclude that this is a really interesting option. It is one of the best photo scanners.

It has a small 2.4-inch screen to monitor everything you’re scanning without having to do it through the PC screen, which makes everything more comfortable.

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Rollei photo scanner

If you want to have a digital copy of your best images to avoid that they can be lost or damaged over time. The best thing you can do is buy this model and scan the photos. This way you can keep them and be sure that you can always have them when you need them.

It really is an option very similar to the previous option. Among other things it coincides in having a resolution of 5.1mp, a screen to see the scanned images … the main advantage of this model is that it has an image editing software that is very good.

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Hp Deskjet photo scanner

This option has a traditional design. And not only can you use it to scan your photos, but you can also use it to print them. That is, it is a good option to get good copies of our photos.

The operation of the multifunction scanner Hp is simple, while you can get 600x600DPI. To this, we must add that it has a Wi-Fi system and a USB 2.0 connection. So you can choose the option of communication with the computer that most interests you. I recommend the option of Wi-Fi to eliminate cables, but you can choose the one that most interests you.

Epson scanner

To finish the list, I want to tell you about a model that in my opinion will give you a very good image resolution. Of course, it is an option to always have in one place for its size.

As for its operation, I can assure you that it is very simple. Among other things, you can enjoy a depth of color output of 24 bits, which is pretty good when it comes to getting some good scans. While the resolution of the optics is 4800DPI and the power supply is USB. As a whole, you can have the security of making a good purchase.

Tips to buy the best photo scanner

When it comes to buying a scanner it is important to be clear about what the main use that we are going to give you will be, in order to have the security of making a correct purchase. In this case, you already have clear that you want a model to scan photographs. So we are going to show you a series of things that you should take into account when buying them.

First of all, you must be clear if you want it to be portable or not. If you are clear that you are not going to take it out of the house or the office, it is best to buy it normally. This way you will avoid problems and the quality of the scan will be adequate.

Next, you should look at the quality of the scanning of the photographs. The higher the resolution the better, so you will make the digitization more professional. It is also a good idea to take into account the speed of the scanner to be sure that we are facing a quality model.

Do not forget that you also have the option to choose between a dry scanner or a multifunction model. These models will allow you to perform other types of scanners such as negatives or slides. Without forgetting that there are also models that will allow you to print. So you can have everything in one device so you will save space.

Connectivity is another point that you should look at. There are models that are already capable of operating without the help of a computer, thanks to the fact that they have internal memory. And a small screen that will allow you to see everything you are doing. In addition, you should also look if you want the connection to your pc is made through the Wi-Fi signal or through a USB cable. Depending on your needs you will have to choose one option or another.

Design is another factor that will surely make you choose a scanner model or another. But it is important to pay more attention to the points mentioned above than to the design. This must be a secondary factor to consider.

Remember not to exceed the budget you have for this purchase. Keep in mind that depending on the option chosen, the price will be one or the other. But if you really want to buy a cheap best photo scanner, bet on buying one of the models that I have recommended at the top. Not only will you have the guarantee of making a good purchase. But you can also be sure of getting the best price for each of the models.