Best gaming platform for sports games

Best gaming platform for sports games

Sports enthusiasts may prefer to enjoy recreational outdoor activities or represent their team on the pitch, but for those of you who cannot get enough of your favourite sports, then there are plenty of computer games that can satisfy your needs. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular genres in the gaming industry, with leading developers taking it upon themselves to release sports-based games that make you feel part of the action and immerse you in the euphoric atmosphere of playing in front of a packed crowd. Every type of sport, ranging from football and ice hockey to bowling and athletics, have been covered within fantastic games that have not only made reality and the virtual world closer than ever before, but also ensure that there is something for everyone, irrespective of your taste and preferences in sport.

Trying to decide what sports-based games to play ultimately depends on what your favourite sports are, but the other decision that has to be made is which platform you play computer games on. There is a big difference between consoles, PC and the Wii in terms of how you are able to play sports games; all three require different forms of controls, while they also come with their own level of animation and graphic qualities that come together to provide you with endless hours of entertainment alone, or alongside family and friends. Keep reading how to tame foxes in minecraft.

Xbox console

Although Microsoft continues to struggle to match Sony in the console wars, playing on the Xbox One provides you with a whole world of sports games to enjoy at your own leisure. Significant advancements in technology have enabled consoles to produce processing speeds, high-definition graphics and animation physics that have never been reached before, with developers now able to produce games that make you feel part of it.

sports games

The Xbox One will undoubtedly be one of the most sought-after technical gadgets during the Christmas period, with games such as Fifa, NHL, Madden and the upcoming Rugby World Cup 2015 game which will provide those who back their favourite nation to win to take control and go all the way to lifting the Webb Ellis Cup, providing the element of sport that will certainly keep you entertained. However, the only way that you can get a true sense of what it feels like to experience professional sport is through buying a plug-in racing wheel and pedals kit when playing Formula 1 games; Xbox controllers are designed to provide fluidity and cater to your every directional move, touch, pass or run, but the racing wheel is the best way for you to feel in total control of a car through a console.


The Wii may not receive the popularity and coverage it deserves in comparison to consoles and PCs, but although it provides a completely different spin on sports games, you would not be disappointed if you bought one. Sports enthusiasts who look for games with an element of fun and can be played with friends and family members should look no further than Wii Sports which is not only one of the highest sold games on the small console, but also one of the best across the entire genre.

The range of games on Wii Sports include tennis, baseball, golf and boxing, with the controls based on motion-orientated controllers that tracks your every movement; the action is ultimately in your hands, with every hand movement you make to swing a tennis racket, golf club or throw a punch is carried out in the game. Game developers took inspiration from the hugely popular range of sports games developed by Nintendo, as you can now select from an extensive range of sports-orientated games which include Grand Slam Tennis, Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf, Table Tennis and PDC World Championship Darts.

Purely based on the amazing feeling that you get when seeing a game correspond with your body moves, in addition to the range of fun and interactive games available, the Wii stands out as the best gaming platform on the market.


If gaming was all about graphics and processing speeds, then the PC would always be your first choice. Modern day units provide hybrid levels of power, performance and audio that consoles and other platforms will never be able to match, with numerous games, such as Fifa, NHL and Madden incorporating PC version upon release. Popular gaming hub Steam also provide access to indie-type sports games created by independent developers trying to make their mark in the gaming industry.

However, the main problem that using a PC to play sports games provides is that you do not really get the best feel in terms of the controls; you may become adept to using the mouse and keyboard to control your players and carry out the right defensive and attacking actions when required, but it can often feel clumsy and lack the element of control you feel when using an Xbox or Wii controller. This can be averted if you have a wired Xbox controller as it can plug into one of your USB ports, but that would either require you to have an Xbox console, or spend more money on a wired controller or specially designed PC controller that worked in the same way.