Android and its facilities if you lose your mobile


Android and its facilities if you lose your mobile

Google, thinking of all users who have ever lost your phone, Android has been updated to make it easier to find him, because if someone finds it can call a phone number that you have previously given.

GadgetHave you lost your smartphone?

All has happened to us, even the most clueless will happen more than once, we have lost our phone or directly, we would have won. This gives much anger especially if we are talking about a very expensive smartphone and we have not even finished paying. Although many people return the devices, many others are or what they sell.

Google, thinking about this, has updated its Android system so that if someone finds our lost smartphone, this device can call another we have assigned as our home phone, just dial a button. In addition, the Manager will make Android devices can block your smartphone you’ve lost, although this option and including the previous update of Android.

Recover your smartphone!

Thus, if at any time you lose your phone, you have to do is enter the official website and from there set the system so that l lame the phone number you want.’ll Also put a message on the Home screen the person who has found your phone to give it back, even if it does not depend on you .; but if you’ve really lost and not to be stolen, there are many options that happen. If not, the next step you should take is to lock the device.

For this to happen the device must be connected to the internet and never work if it is off, so we must hurry to do so.