Alienware’s solution to add graphics power to your computer is this huge box


Alienware’s solution to add graphics power to your computer is this huge box

Adding graphic power to shut teams is a problem that has been working for several years. Some manufacturers have made ​​timid solutions ( ASUS RoG XG , ATi XGP or the possibility of DIY ) but far from curdling, have gone unnoticed by the market, possibly due to its high price and uncertain if they will work properly or not.

However, today is Alienware who has decided to take the plunge and submit your Graphics Amplifier, a big box store where a dedicated graphics card that can connect to a laptop in order to increase graphics performance. A solution that only works via a proprietary connection Dell/Alienware, and no uniform.

TechSo Alienware Graphics Amplifier will only work on computers brand, at least for now. The interface is a combination of PCI Express and USB for now only have a single model, a revitalized Alienware 13 that will go on sale in the coming weeks and it will connect at the back.

From a technical standpoint, Graphics Amplifier has an internal power supply that supports dual-slot graphics (i.e. the vast majority of models) up to 375 watts. Alienware will sell each box and then choose how to add graphics, either AMD or NVidia. If you are interested in the invention, in Gizmodo already have a first contact with this technology.

Handset out, sitting at home

The Alienware 13 euros renewed start in 1000 and will include an NVidia GTX 860M graphics, but as usual the brand will offer many configuration options. Graphics Amplifier can be purchased at the time of ordering, with an interesting solution for those who need this Extra power when the computer is at home.
Alienware Graphics Amplifier

The downside is the size of the device: its weight is 3.18 kg (without the graphics card, you can easily add another kilogram) and its dimensions are certainly not negligible. It is a device to mount at home and leave it where it is, without moving.

As for the price, Alienware Amplifier Graphics can now be reserved for $ 299, a figure reduced but not restrained. A larger, memory, will also have to buy the graphics card we want to use.