A luxury brand watches dislike that they may seem smartwatches


A luxury brand watches dislike that they may seem smartwatches

One advantage of smarwatches or smart watches that use Android Wear is the ability to customize the design of the watch. Some portals, such FaceRepo are taking advantage of these facilities to provide interfaces taken from other traditional clocks for download, which is not doing too much grace to brands that make them.

SmarwatchAccording to several documents that have been accessed from Torrent Freak, several manufacturers are including Swatch, Armani, Omega and Fossil are sending orders to cease and suspension websites offer these designs to download to consider that these do not respect their copyright and violate their copyright.

FaceRepo makers acknowledge having also received legal threats after they were forced to withdraw the designs in question. However, you can still find designs such as Devon, Montblanc and Patek Philippe, appearing all among the most downloaded. There are even versions of Casio lifetime, although in this case it seems that for now the company has not complained.

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