A gadget for mobile photo printing


A gadget for mobile photo printing

A natural entrepreneurs of New York have created a gadget called Instant Impossible lab and wanted to emulate primarily a traditional laboratory revealed, but this time may release photos of our mobile devices to enjoy them physically.

TechReveals photos from your mobile

Sure, if you’re somebody who usually takes pictures with her ​​mobile and use the main camera, you thought about how convenient it would be to reveal these photos and have them physically. Although the pictures in physical format is not something that takes a lot lately, as we usually do now is share them on social networks or send them to our friends, this was a nice way to keep our memories; and there are still many people who favor preserving your photos so you can physically touch and easy access to them, especially if you are not very familiar with the technology.

A New York company has thought about this and what they like to simply touch the pictures and Instant Impossible lab has developed a kind of darkroom for photos of our phones. With this in our mobile gadget select the image or images you want to print, place the mobile device on the gadget, the SENAR wait and eventually will press the button that will print the gadget physical picture.

How much?

Have you been interested Impossible Instant lab? You can do with it in your own webpage gadget for a price of $ 200, but you should know that this works only with iOS, at least for now, we do not know if they are working on other systems. A price that fits the features offered and if we are in favor of having the photos physically, we will draw game.