5 Tips For Having A Great Uber Riding Experience

5 Tips For Having A Great Uber Riding Experience

Uber revolutionized the cab grabbing experience for people. People who had to get car rentals and cabs by making calls to busy lines or standing on curbs of busy roads don’t have to do that anymore. Uber allows users to create an account on its website, connect it to their application and then use location of the user to get a cab. As user inserts his address and location a driver gets connected to the user. The driver arrives and picks up the passenger. How well this experience goes depends on many factors that you can control to make your rides better.

First, never miss the Uber promo code. You can find these promo codes online and use them to make your rides affordable. These promo codes are easily available on various websites. The good thing about these coupons is that you can get discounts in many different ways. You can either get a big discount on your first ride or get smaller discounts on subsequent rides. New users can really make the most of their Uber ride by using Uber promo codes. There is another great way of making your ride affordable without doing much effort.

All you have to do is tell your friends about the application. Since this is not a fun or entertainment application they will definitely use it. It serves a purpose and most people need it. This is why the application has spread in 50 countries within a small span of only 6 years. When you tell your friends about the application and they sign up for it, you will get referral discounts. Often the discount is in the form of free ride or some dollars credited to your account. This amount is deducted from the bill you have to pay to your driver.

You must know while using this app that you can also be rated by your driver just like you can rate the driver. When you ride make sure you are keeping up with the etiquettes of riding. You can tip the driver since there is no way to tip the driver through application. Tipping means a high chance of getting good rating. One more way to get good rating and reducing your wait time is by reducing the wait time of your driver. The driver will wait for you for 5 minutes but if you are in the habit of consuming those 5 minutes you could end up getting a bad rating.

Uber being a ride resharing service is not allowed in the airports. One way of getting the cheap Uber ride even when you are at the airport is by using the location pin and putting it just outside the airport. You can then walk a little and get into the cab or just tell the driver to come inside by calling him. This option works great when you are tired or when the weather does not allow you to safely travel on public transport. It might not work every time but when it does, it’s a great experience.

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