5 best wireless chargers for your smartphone

5 best wireless chargers for your smartphone

With these chargers, the habit of keeping the smartphone connected to a cable while charging could disappear

The habit of keeping the smartphone connected to a cable while charging is about to become a thing of the past, thanks to the growing presence of wireless chargers. Metro highlights the best of them.

HyperCubebest wireless chargers

HyperCube is a wireless charger equipped with more than 13 intelligent functions, it also acts as a sleep aid, alarm light, while wirelessly charging up to 3 Qi-enabled devices at the same time. With this device you can charge your new iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods at the same time … or your Galaxy, G6 and Droid.

RAVPowerbest wireless chargers

This gadget is considered one of the fastest and best wireless chargers on the market. HyperAir chargers from RAVPower deliver 7.5W for Apple phones and 10W for Samsung phones.

IDMIXbest wireless chargers

Wireless PowerBanks have become a good option for those who need to charge their phone while they are away from home. IDMIX offers one of the fastest upload speeds on the market for both Apple and Android devices, as well as a completely wireless experience: the device does not need to be connected to a power source to work.

Magginybest wireless chargers

When we travel by car, especially in the heavy traffic of big cities, we also need to keep our devices charged. Magginy, a wireless magnetic car charger, offers safe driving with a smooth charge. It also includes a magnetic charger to mount in the car and a matching magnetic phone case. Charging time is faster than average!

PowerDockbest wireless chargers

This device is larger than the average size of wireless chargers. In addition to charging smartphones wirelessly, it offers cable charging of other types of devices such as video game consoles, phones, tablets, and even laptops. You can load up to 5 devices simultaneously.