5 Amazing Movies to Watch on Your New 3D TV


5 Amazing Movies to Watch on Your New 3D TV

If you’re someone who’s a huge fan of 3D movies but you don’t always want to pay the cost of admission at your local theater, or you simply want to enjoy the comfort and convenience of watching 3D films from your own home, there is a solution. You can invest in a 3D television.

If there’s a part of you that’s been hesitant because of the price, although a really good set can still run you around $2,000, the good news is that there are some that you can find on sale for as low as $700.

If this has piqued your interest and you’re ready to make this kind of investment, don’t forget to purchase some 3D movies, too. If you’re curious to know which ones you should get to start building up your collection, here’s a list of five amazing movies to watch on your new 3D television set.

Avatar. In 2009, award-winning director James Cameron introduced another movie that soon became a favorite among the old and young alike. Avatar is a tale of love, war, and standing up for what one believes is right. When you’re watching these blue people move throughout nature in 3D, some of the action scenes and flying sequences are truly mesmerizing.

Toy Story 3. Although there are some animated family movies that adults watch simply to appease their children, Toy Story 3 is certainly not one of them. Woody, Buzz, and the gang have become an indelible part of film history. And the best thing about “3” is that it’s in 3D.

Tron Legacy. Some of you may recall the video game Tron and the original 80s movie. A lot of people sang praises of the sequel Tron Legacy due to its extremely unique design and absolutely stunning visuals. So whether you want to know what it’s like to live inside of living computer programs or not, Tron Legacy is the kind of movie that makes sci-fi well worth a couple hours of your time.

Hugo. If a company like American Paper Optics were to write an article about some of the best movies to watch in 3D, one that they might put on their list is Hugo. If you happened to have missed this Martin Scorsese 3D film in the theaters, make sure to rent or buy it. This story about a young man discovering the world without his parents is both poignant and charming.

Up. Is a memorable, tear-jerking story what you’re after? If so, you can’t go wrong with the movie Up. Just the first 20 minutes alone of watching it with your 3D glasses on will have you on a ride that you won’t soon forget. From watching the main characters evolve from childhood friends to a married couple and then experiencing all of their literal ups and downs along the way, Up is a love story that even the most cynical person will see the good in. It’s 3D movie cinema at its best.