4 Unique Career Fields to Consider

4 Unique Career Fields

4 Unique Career Fields to Consider

There are many exciting and fulfilling careers to consider, whether you are just graduating from college or trying to make a move from your current profession to something new. There’s no need to take a boring job that leaves you feeling unfulfilled and uninterested. The list of unusual and distinctive jobs is longer than ever. Consider the following career fields when looking for fresh opportunities.

Digital Media and Communication

Communication is a broad career field, with many different types of jobs available. Whether you want to work in public relations, web design, graphic design, marketing, advertising, social media, branding, journalism, copy writing, event planning or market research, there will be a position within this industry that can utilize your strengths and talents. There are many opportunities for flexible employment within the communications world. You can be employed at a media company like Jukin Media or as a self-employed freelancer. There are also opportunities to work from home, relocate or even travel the world, depending on your specific job.

Wedding Services

Working in the wedding services industry gives you the opportunity to let your creativity shine while helping people on the happiest day of their lives. There are positions such as wedding planner, florist, stylist, makeup artist, caterer, proposal planner, baker, invitation designer and more. This field also gives you the opportunity to work for a larger company or be self-employed with your own business. There are always opportunities to innovate in this industry because wedding trends are always changing and evolving.


The entertainment industry is full of exciting opportunities to work in front of the camera or behind the scenes. You can be employed as a performer, such as an actor or musician, but there are also positions available to be a director, producer, camera operator, sound engineer, designer or photographer. There are also many jobs that are not directly involved in the making of TV shows, theater productions or movies, but still support the entertainment industry as a whole. These include positions in public relations, catering, accounting, advertising, marketing, brand management and entertainment law.

Library Science

Library science is currently undergoing a period of expansion and change. While libraries used to be places used mainly to store traditional print books, they are now community spaces where people can go to use the internet, borrow DVDs and access digital content such as electronic books and audio books. Librarians must be familiar with up-to-date ways of storing and accessing library materials. While you can certainly work in a public library or school library, there are also many nontraditional options for library science graduates. These include archivist, research assistant, digital asset manager, professor and grant writer.

There are many unique and exciting opportunities for a job change if you know where to look. Don’t be afraid to take the leap to something that is fulfilling and interesting! Consider these fields, but also know that there are many other unusual industries out there if you are motivated to find the right fit for you.