4 Business Types That Benefit from a Virtual Office Set-Up

4 Business Types That Benefit from a Virtual Office Set-Up

Virtual offices offer an alternative office solution to the traditional office space and they are becoming increasingly popular in today’s modern business environment. With affordable rates for addresses in premium locations, many companies have started to utilise virtual offices and now may be the right time for your business to consider a virtual office set-up.

Servcorp virtual offices allow you to consolidate your overheads into one monthly bill rather than incurring all the costs associated with running a traditional office space, thereby saving you money every month. Why rent an entire office when you really only need a business address? There are many business types that can benefit from using virtual office services.

Continue reading below to learn more about some of the different types of businesses that can benefit from using a virtual office.

Software Companies 

Software companies do not necessarily need a brick and mortar business, especially if they only sell digital software and provide online customer support to their clients. Most software companies either license their products to other companies to sell on their behalf or they sell their product directly to the consumer online.

A virtual office can be a great choice for a software company as they will receive a business and mailing address in a prestigious central location, as well as a dedicated phone line with a receptionist on site to answer calls. Read more https://daypowermedia.com/reviews/creating-harmony-at-work-a-guide-to-office-feng-shui/

Startup Businesses and SMEs 

Cash flow and capital can often be lower in the early stages of business, making investing in property or signing long-term leases for physical office space a huge barrier to entry for startup businesses and SMEs. Instead, a rolling month-to-month payment with the option to upgrade or downgrade as your business grows or shrinks is much more appealing in the early days of bootstrapping a business. The flexibility virtual offices offer smaller companies and startups makes it easier for these types of businesses to enter the marketplace without locking themselves into financial commitments early on.

Access to a dedicated telephone line and a virtual receptionist ensures that all your calls are answered and forwarded as per your directions. You’ll never miss an important business call in those crucial early days, without the added cost of employing a full-time receptionist.

Home-Based Businesses 

Setting up home-based businesses and working from home in a freelance capacity is becoming increasingly popular in our ever-connected modern workplace. Freelancers and owners of home-based businesses usually don’t want their personal home address on marketing materials and correspondence with clients.

A virtual office will provide you with a prestigious business address so you don’t have to use your home address. You can also utilise a local telephone number and fax line so you don’t have to give out your personal home phone number. This makes virtual offices an excellent option for those working from home as you’ll have instant access to all the resources needed to run an efficient business from the comfort of home, without sacrificing personal privacy.

Web-based Companies 

Web-based companies conduct the majority of their business online from laptops or computers, making the need to have a dedicated office space redundant. Virtual offices allow web-based companies the professionalism to carry out their business without the hefty price tag that goes along with running a traditional office space. Should the need arise to meet with clients face to face, premium virtual office providers also provide state of the art boardrooms and meeting rooms on a pay as you need basis.

Is a Virtual Office the Right Choice for Your Business Type? 

Many companies and business types enjoy the benefits of virtual office space as it saves them money, allows for flexibility while still providing all the tools needed to maintain a professional business image.

If you run any of the business types above or indeed, any other kind of business that you feel would benefit from a virtual office, now is the time to make the move towards the office of the future. Reap the benefits of going virtual and give your business every chance of success going forward.