Your Guide to Making Your Print Marketing Stand Out

Your Guide to Making Your Print Marketing Stand Out

A lot of people believe that print marketing is no longer relevant. Many businesses do the majority of their advertising online. Some also use other media, including television and radio. However, print materials can still be useful for several reasons. Using flyers and direct mail means you can send your marketing to people directly. When they have a piece of paper, they’re likely to spend more time looking at it than they would an advert on a web page. And a printed advert could be in someone’s home for days, weeks or months. But how do you get your material to stand out?

Make Your Materials Unique

You should consider the design of your print marketing materials carefully. They could just be a piece of paper, but you can also do something more with them. Perhaps your flyer is designed to fold into something. You could have business cards that are an unusual shape representing your company. Maybe something pops out of them, or they differ from the standard size, so they stand out from other business cards. It could be the design you choose to print that makes your materials stand out. Try to create something eye-catching so that people can’t help picking it up to see what it is.

Put Them Front and Center

Sometimes print materials can go unnoticed, especially when mixed in with other materials. If someone comes home to a pile of flyers on their doormat, they’re probably going to pick them all up and toss them away. Make sure yours doesn’t get lost among other materials by placing them somewhere noticeable. For example, you could use business door hangers. You can hang these specially designed items on the doors of people’s home and offices. They’re most often seen in hotels and other similar places. They’re perfect for any space that people rent out, whether an office or hotel room.

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Choose Your Words Carefully

What you choose to write on your materials is one of the most difficult decisions. It’s often best to be brief, as people probably won’t read it for long. If you do want to include more information, start with an attention-drawing headline that will pull people in. You should focus on what your product or service does and what its benefits are. Including short testimonials from past and current clients is often a good idea. Remember to proofread everything several times before sending it to print. You don’t want to waste money on something that’s misprinted.

Use Offers and Discounts

One of the best ways to make print materials effective is by offering people something. Everyone loves a good deal, so discounts and special offers often work well. If you’re trying to entice new customers, you could offer 10% off for anyone who has never used your service. You could include coupons or vouchers that customers can bring to your store or put a discount code they can use online.

You have to do something different if you want your print marketing material to stand out. Spend some time making it special if you want to be noticed.