Xmovies8 alternative: Download Free Movies

xmovies8 alternative

Xmovies8 alternative: Download Free Movies

Xmovies8 is an online portal that offers various movies of different domains and genres like Hindi, English, Telugu, and free download and streaming. It has a great selection of TV shows and movies for your audience at no cost. The hacked online platform Xmovies8, like several other torrent sites, is popular with the Indian public for free Hindi movie downloads and streaming. Let’s know more about xmovies8 and xmovies8 alternatives.

xmovies8 alternative

xmovies8 alternative

Since India’s Government has banned various hacked sites like Xmovies8, one should not totally depend on them to view their desired videos. Several other hacked sites like Xmovies8 are also illegal that people use to download Hollywood, Bollywood, Hindi, Punjabi, South Indian, Dubbed, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam movies. Below are some of the Xmovies8 alternatives:

Legal xmovies8 alternative:

Netflix ( 1 )
Amazon Prime ( 2 )
Hotstar ( 3 )

Filtered Films By Xmovies8

After establishing Xmovies8, the hacked site’s founders have leaked several movies in Hindi, English, and Telugu. These TV shows and movies are available to its users for free download and streaming on Xmovies8. Below are some of Xmovies8’s uploads:

  • The good liar
  • Charlie’s Angels
  • Dark waters
  • Housefull 4
  • War
  • Chhichhore

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The available movie categories

Xmovies8 offers a wide range of web series and motion pictures to users of different domains and genres illegally for free download. The founders of Xmovies8 have distributed their collection in multiple sections on their site. These are the categories of movies available on Xmovies8:

  • Adventure Movies in English
  • Animation films in English
  • Xmovies8 download movies 2018
  • Xmovies8 download movies 2019
  • Hindi movies
  • Telugu Movies

Xmovies8: Popularity

According to various statistics on Xmovies8, the website’s global ranking is 772,898. These websites calculated the Xmovies8 rank by considering various traffic data sections and more around the world. However, based on recent data, Xmovies8 has recently risen to its 772,898 positions from its previous 928,279 rankings. Many users browse Xmovies8 daily with 1.6 daily page views per visitor, and the average time spent on the Xmovies8 website is 1:51 minutes.

The estimated value

Xmovies8’s estimated value is $ 8,348 based on one website, WorthofWeb.com. The WorthofWeb.com online portal provides the sites’ data, including their net worth and various other contributing factors. WorthofWeb.com has assessed the value of Xmovies8 by creating an automatic calculation based on your advertising revenue and your daily public ranking, data, and web ranking. Based on recent data from various websites, it has ad revenue of nearly $ 27 per day, $ 810 per month, and $ 9,720 per year.

Criminal charges

As of now, the founders of the hacked Xmovies8 website have no known criminal charges. The Xmovies8 maintains several different mirror links and URLs to avoid the Indian Government ban.

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Final note

The above article solely to give our readers information about hacked websites and why they are illegal. We do not endorse or promote hacked sites like Xmovies8. We strongly suggest that our readers avoid downloading content from torrent sites like Xmovies8 and opt for other legal platforms to stream or download their favorite movies and TV shows.