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Working from home during the Corona Virus Pandemic!

Many thousands of ordinary people are trying to work from home now that the Corona Virus pandemic has hit nearly every Nation in the World!  Men and women here all over the United Kingdom are adjusting their normal lives and adapting to working at home.  Spare rooms, garages, conservatories and second bedrooms are all being utilised and turned into work spaces.  Home computers, laptops, Kindles, home and mobile phones are all being used for work purposes instead of pleasure.

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This new way of living and working from home takes adjustment and having a new routine in place will help to limit any disruption.  Set a schedule and make sure you stick to it!  Have specific working hours, breaks, dinner times and outside breaks factored in to your day.  Like a PDF to Excel file things can change for the good.  If others, adults or children are at home then make sure they understand you need peace and quiet while you are working and you will set time aside for them at your break and lunch times.  Try to keep your dedicated workspace quiet, calm and clutter free, set any children up with plenty of things for them to keep busy before you start.  Remain positive and upbeat with others sharing your work space and home.   Be reasonable with your expectations, children will adapt but it may take a few days and they will be missing their friends and normal routine so be PATIENT!

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