Why Office Maintenance Should Include Casters

Why Office Maintenance Should Include Casters

Many things work together to keep your office moving smoothly, including the hardware that your employees use every day. Many pieces of equipment will be on caster wheels to help them be moved for repairs, replacements or relocation. When your maintenance department has replacement wheels, and check the current ones regularly, it can help keep you working at peak efficiency.


Many times, repairing a piece of equipment is more cost effective than replacing it. But, office chairs are tossed out for broken casters all the time. If your maintenance department can fix the wheel on a chair, you can save a more money over having to buy a new chair. It can also mean the difference between a five minute repair job and a week-long process of finding and purchasing a new chair.

You may also need a heavy duty swivel caster replacement on other pieces of equipment such as printers, server racks and cubicle dividers. Having the ability to move an item easily to access panels for needed repairs can reduce down-time from that unit being broken.


If you do need to replace a heavy item, however, then having the ability to move that item with wheels can save a lot of effort for your employees. For example, if your breakroom vending machine breaks down and has casters, then you will be able to wheel it out with the help of a couple of employees instead of bringing in heavy lifting equipment and a bunch of movers. You can even find all the casters you need to stock your replacement parts bins through the same vendors and manufacturers to make it easier to have all the parts you need for the job at hand.


Reorganizing your office is one of the biggest areas you can see benefits from having equipment on wheels, and many items can have wheels added to them by your maintenance department in various ways. This can allow you to move cubical walls, desks and computer equipment more easily if you get a bigger space or need to divide the space you have differently.

Keeping caster wheels in mind when stocking and planning your office maintenance tasks can help you save time and money on repairs, replacements and reorganization. This can also keep the job of your maintenance personnel easier and enable them to get more done in the same amount of time. You can find all types of casters for your needs online, sometimes all in the same place.