What Can You Do With Your Old Car?

What Can You Do With Your Old Car?

Like their owners, vehicles have finite life spans. Eventually, repairing an old car becomes more costly than buying a newer one. However, there’s still the problem of disposal. Abandoned autos are luxury motels for mice and other vermin. Furthermore, they take up space which you could use for better things. Fortunately, various solutions can give your old car a new lease on life.

Sell It

Several options are available for selling a used automobile. The price you get depends highly on the one you choose. To start with, look up your vehicle’s Blue Book value based on its make, model, mileage and age. Armed with an estimate, you can plan whether you’ll sell the car to another person or a car-buying company, or trade it in at a dealership.

While selling on your own is the hardest option, it’s also the best way to make the most money. You can post your vehicle on Craigslist and other general Web marketplaces, as well as the multitude of specialty car sales sites.

Don’t trust technology? Simply slap a sign on your car and leave it parked where people can see it. At a minimum, you could negotiate a nominal fee for a friend to take the old jalopy off your hands.

Scrap It

The toughest cars to sell are those that aren’t good for driving, but only for parts. When their vehicles reach this point, most owners look to local junkyards for fast cash with no fuss. However, for a more eco-friendly solution, recycling services Fort Lauderdale FL will buy your beater from you.

These companies extract as much metal as they can from each car. The parts are then repurposed into other objects and sent back into the supply chain. Every bit of metal kept out of landfills is a victory for the environment.

Give It Away

If money isn’t an issue, why not give your clunker for a good cause? Countless charities would happily have your car in any condition. Nonprofits who repair cars for their own use are motivated to make donating easy for owners. Best of all, donations are usually tax-deductible. Pick your passion, whether it’s Make-A-Wish, Habitat for Humanity or NPR, and do a good deed while getting rid of that rust bucket too.

A non-working car on your property is a possible hazard, a probable eyesore and a definite waste of space. However you see fit, remove your old auto right away.