Turn your clock to smartwatch with Glance

Turn your clock to smartwatch with Glance

An Australian company has created Glance, a small device that will make any traditional wrist watch becomes a smartwatch, showing on the small screen of the gadget all notifications to the phone to which it is synchronized.

SmartwatchMeet Glance

The market smartwatches the fact is he has not finished off, despite no offer currently on the market. And it still might not need something in our lives, but people who have say it is very comfortable. Despite this, as we say, there is a gadget that, today, is wont see much, so it still needs a boost.

The Australian company developer Glance thought maybe this little development smartwatch is because we buy a special watch that fulfills these functions, so it might be more convenient for users to transform their wristwatch always in a smartwatch with a small gadget.

How does it work?

Glance will be placed on the wristband of any watch through the slit as well as owns and can see all the notifications we receive. It has Bluetooth 4.0 for connection which will connect to our phone and so this will vibrate every time we receive a call or a notification. Glance also has other functions such as being a remote control or a SmartTV mouse to your computer; He also recorded our physical activity at all times. Are you convinced by this way to spend a normal watch a smart watch? In that case you should just joining their project funding, which has been d thousand dollars and get one; plus you’ll be helping this interesting project succeed. Ready to have a smartwatch?