The Search for A Good Headphone – What Prices Can Be Expected?

Good Headphone

The Search for A Good Headphone – What Prices Can Be Expected?

Most smartphones or MP3 players come with in-ear headphones (or at least ear buds) – but only a few of them are convincing in terms of sound, and some are quickly defective.

For this reason, many are looking for new headphones; there are now numerous and in all price ranges. For this reason, the question arises: How much money should be spent on good headphones?

Premium solutions go into the four-digit range

It is difficult to give a general answer to the question mentioned – after all, headphones declared as premium models can be found in a price range from 100 to well over 1,000 dollars and combination of quality and budget you can get best headphone under $300 budget.

However, you don’t have to spend that much to get a good pair of headphones, because below the prices you can find models that still deserve the name “good”. Whoever goes over 100 dollars is in the area of ​​the grade “very good”.

Avoid misunderstandings

The price of consumer electronics is always a bit exaggerated. Brands such as Apple and Beats by Dre (part of Apple) are well-matched marketing machines, built to activate our inner need for innovation.

In some cases, the new technology is really impressive. But usually you can compare these devices with the new clothes of a Royal; money for the name, but the quality is not much better.

This was made very clear in 2015 when a few Huffington Post writers decided to dissect Beats headphones.

Before making the first ‘cut’, the writers noted that the Beats (with a price of $ 199) felt very heavy in the hand. This seemed to exude premium quality, but when the headphones were disassembled, they found that 30 percent of this weight was caused by four pieces of metal. These components had no purpose, apart from acting as a ballast.

It is not just the weight that can fool us. We often associate certain brand names with quality when others perform just as well. It is also important to note that new technology is not always refined. Often a few models are required before the new sound is perfected.

Good headphones: Under $300

Nevertheless, the same applies to headphones: quality products have their price and the best manufacturers do not sell their models as “bargains”.

Accordingly, it follows that the higher the demands, the more you have to pay – headphones that can be classified as “good” based on the results of various tests and customer recessions usually start at a price of around 50 dollars.

Correct noble models or high-end headphone systems, which are used in the recording studio, for example, often cost a few hundred dollars. Ultimately, the assessment of when a model is considered good depends not only on its price, but on personal opinion.

Compared to the headphones included in the scope of delivery of a technical device, said solutions from around 50 dollars can certainly be classified as good, but experts in this area will still be able to determine deficiencies in terms of sound even here.

However, with headphones for which they pay 50 dollars, 60 dollars or even more, the customer should be able to expect a good solution in terms of highs, mid and basses.

Find good headphones

Nonetheless, the price of a headphone is not the only criterion that provides information about its performance – in this regard, security provides tests of the corresponding model before the purchase, as well as feedback from customers who have already purchased it and used it extensively.

The more positive recessions that have been written, the higher the likelihood of ultimately being completely satisfied with the product purchased. Another option is to test the selected headphones before buying them – for example in an electronics store.

Examples of good models

In the following, some very good headphones are briefly mentioned to provide examples with the above numbers. The Bose is available for around 100 dollars.

These are in-ear headphones that are fully convincing in terms of sound quality and, moreover, in terms of comfort, and in any case justify their price.

The headphones “Bass” from the Beats brand are similarly expensive – this model not only delivers a rich bass, but also good bass and treble and is therefore often used by DJs.

The same brand also offers good products from the above-mentioned price limit of 50 dollars: An example of this would be the Audio-Technica which also has a lot to offer visually.

The Sony, a robust professional headphone that is particularly suitable for use on the go, is also commercially available for around 100 dollars.

Finally, the V-MODA should be mentioned as an example of how good headphones can be found via test reports.

Described best headphone is available for less than 300 dollars and has been given good ratings in all tests and headphone reviews of homeplix. The in-ear headphones sit very well in the ear and also leave nothing to be desired in terms of sound.


A headset buy is not as easy as it sometimes seems. You probably noticed that when you read the above summaries. But it is clear that headphones do not necessarily have to be expensive.

If you want to buy the best sound that is available, then of course you will have to dig deep into your pocket. For most of us, those $ 500 + models are not required.