The gadget pleasantly sleeping


The gadget pleasantly sleeping

More and more gadgets to enjoy a pleasant dream that we see in the market. This time we present Sound Asleep Pillow, a pillow that will sound the music you want before bed so you can sleep in comfort.

Sleep with music

Just recently I talked about a gadget that served to control the activity during the night and we can prevent some problems; well we’ve spoken several times of this kind of gadgets that claim to help control problems arising from sleep, which affects millions of people. On this occasion this gadget do not control the activity, but it will make you go to sleep more relaxed.

GadgetSound Asleep Pillow talk about a pillow on which sound you can hear music before going to sleep or if you are very relaxed, you might even sleep with her. But relax, because if you sleep with someone you will not know, as speaker incorporating Sound Asleep Pillow nobody else will listen to music, you will not have any problems.

Listen to the music you want

The Sound Asleep Pillow pillow itself is equipped with relaxing sounds that can be selected to sleep peacefully, but if you prefer you can also enter your MP3 songs and add them to the pillow; this way you will relax listening to the same music you choose, even if they are noisy music may cost you more to do so.

Do not worry about your comfort, as speaker with virtually not noticeable, so it will be like sleeping on any other pillow. You can also you the take anywhere to enjoy your music even in means of transport requiter long trips. Choose your music and relax!