The blanket that reveals our mood


The blanket that reveals our mood

British Airways The company is conducting tests on a curious gadget being developed: it is a blanket that reveals the mood of the person who is using wearable technology. So they could know how customers feel during your flight.

GadgetThe Magic Blanket

It seems incredible that a blanket, just being in contact with us, can reveal our moods. But this, for some time, could be a reality to offer airline passengers luxury, as the company British Airways is being tested and some users have been able to test this blanket.

Through technology and only wearable blanket taking in our body, this would show those responsible for the flight so that our minds can offer us what we want, as more food, another temperature … This blanket is used with GPS technology or smart watches and thus interact with us during the entire flight. In its fiber optics, this change color as they feel at all times. The blue color indicates a state of total relaxation, while red indicates that something is wrong or we did not feel at ease.

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So far, this technology has been tested during a flight and has been quite successful and interesting to continue to develop. At the moment it’s not something we’re going to see on the joint flights, but continues to talk about and if it is proved on more flights with this success, maybe yes that may be the future in terms of personal attention on flights and who knows, maybe it can be extrapolated to other areas where customer care is so important.