The 9 Best Bluetooth adapter for tv of 2020


The 9 Best Bluetooth adapter for tv of 2020

For a few years now, Bluetooth technology has appeared and has conquered all fans of high-tech devices. Thus, this allows two different devices to be paired so that they harmonize their data, for better ease of use. The Bluetooth tv adapter can convert a television and even other devices into a transmitter. In this way, it can be linked to your Smartphone, for example, to receive all the data coming from the latter. If this is the first time for you to acquire this type of equipment, you will need a comparison to make your task easier. In this one, you will discover some models that really stand out. You may find the one you are looking for. In particular, you can equip yourself with theAvantree Priva III Bluetooth 4.2 Transmitter Transmitter which shows impressive compatibility in addition to promising good sound quality. There is also the Weeygo Miracast AirPlay DLNA 2.4G WiFi Screen display dongle, ideal for portable use by its mini and very light design.

Best Bluetooth Adapter for tv of 2020

1. Avantree Priva III Bluetooth 4.2 Transmitter Transmitter

How to choose the best Bluetooth tv adapters of 2020? One of the ways to do this is to carry out a comparison of the models on the market, especially the most recent and those which are the most efficient like Avantree Priva III as well. This is a Bluetooth 4.2 transmitter that can be paired with different receivers, possibly those that have analog audio outputs.

The model is wireless, but its compatibility with these different receivers is limited. Indeed, this device was not designed for high latency receivers, that is to say, greater than 40 ms. Either way, Bluetooth has a range of 30m and automatically reconnects after an interruption.

In addition, this adapter works without a battery. Finally, for use with a computer, you do not need to connect it with a cable, the PC recognizes the transmitter as a USB sound card.

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Its compatibility: Avantree Priva III may not be the cheapest model, but it is compatible with different receivers, such as TV, headphones or speakers.

Its practicality: The transmitter is all the more practical since it is recognized, without having to connect cables, by a computer as being a USB sound card.

Good sound quality: Some gamers insist more particularly on this characteristic. Note, however, that this performance is observed especially when the device is paired with Sony headphones.


Problem with the range: Some users feel that the range is not wide enough. At least, they point out that the adapter is more suitable for PC use than with a TV. Others claim that beyond 10 meters, the Bluetooth signal would weaken, and the sound quality at the same time.

2. TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 Adapter Bluetooth Transmitter

To know which is the best Bluetooth tv adapter on the market, before performing a test or compiling user reviews, it is important to see the performance that the manufacturer promises. In this case, TaoTronics TT-BA07 FR can turn any multimedia device into a Bluetooth 4.1 transmitter or receiver. After that, it can be associated simultaneously with two different receivers.

The manufacturer assures that even while charging this is possible and that using the adapter in this way does not affect the sound quality in any way. Apart from its 10 hours of autonomy, this 2-in-1 adapter has a number of points in common with other models present that are flooding the market. For example, this is a cheap wireless adapter. In addition, it is compatible with multimedia devices with low latency, less than 40ms more precisely.

In addition, the sound is of an incredible quality thanks to the audio codec aptX (TX) which gives a great immersion and a certain purity to this one. No more doubt, Taotronics is the best brand of Bluetooth TV adapters.

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Sound quality: With this model, you will enjoy excellent sound thanks in particular to the aptX (TX) audio codec system. This becomes purer.

Its versatility: In addition to the television or headphones, it is possible to transform a car radio with a jack into a Bluetooth receiver, but also an old-school generation MP3 player or a speaker. The palette is very wide.


Less efficient in some cases: Some users claim to have pairing difficulties, while others report interference problems with other transmitters such as a smartphone, tablet, or another device with a Bluetooth connection.

Bluetooth TV HDMI Adapter

3. Weeygo Miracast AirPlay DLNA 2.4G WiFi Screen

The Weeygo brand brings to the market a very powerful Bluetooth dongle that is compatible with all devices with Windows, iOS, Android, and many others. In addition, it works with a mirror screen that projects your audio and video files of very high definition up to 4K resolution.

Its HDMI port equips your TV with a Bluetooth function and allows you to watch the best videos of the moment contained in your Smartphone or in your tablet thanks to the 2.4 G WiFi display available to it, without any wireless required.

The rendering is then fluid and very clear on your big screen over a distance of 10 m. In addition, this HDMI TV adapter has a very robust and compact design to ensure easy and prolonged use, even when on the go.

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Compatibility: It works well with all systems like Windows, Mac, Android or iOS.

Easy to use: Thanks to its Plug and Play system, the connection between your device and a Bluetooth device will be very fast, without the need to add cables or other materials.

A guaranteed product: The advantage of this model is that it is guaranteed for 30 days or 1 month. In the event of device failure, you can be reimbursed. However, a technical support team is at your disposal if you have any concerns.


Functionality on Android: It is not possible to watch Netflix on Android with this dongle. Additional configuration on google home is required.

4. Wecast Full HD 1080p Wireless WiFi Display Dongle

With a full HD wireless HDMI Wifi output, Wecast’s dongle stands out from the crowd and stands out as one of the must-have dongles to be able to pair your TV with a peripheral device. It offers image quality up to 1080p which can be viewed on your TV screen, provided it has an HDMI port.

In addition, it allows your TV to receive and play files from Android or iOS devices. During a professional conference, you can also connect it to your projector to make the content of your tablet accessible to the general public with a high quality visual.

File sharing is done quickly thanks to the adapter’s long-range and transmission speed of 150MB / s. In addition, you can easily put it in your pocket thanks to its small size and lightweight.

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The wifi display: Thanks to the high quality of its wifi display, you have the chance to view your video files with impressive clarity. The same goes for the sound quality of your audio files, which will remain correct at all times.

Consumption: This model does not consume too much energy. Thanks to its rechargeable battery, it works long enough with a great battery life of 8 hours.

Applications: With this dongle, be sure to be able to make the most of the applications compatible with the model, especially for music.


The manual: The user manual of the dongle is not in French. French-speaking buyers will have a slight difficulty following the instructions.

Bluetooth TV adapter for headphones

5. Tokenhigh Bluetooth Adapter

With the proliferation of connected devices of all kinds, investing in a Bluetooth adapter can be useful if you still have an older computer that does not have a built-in device. This model is notably a great option for home or business use.

It is a small black device, compact and elegant which offers you a Bluetooth 5.0 connection system. Simply plug into your computer, it can both be used to send or receive Bluetooth signals, with just one click on the TX or RX button on the side of the device.

Thanks to this accessory, you can connect your computer to your Bluetooth headsets, your wireless mouse or keyboard, Smartphone, tablet, and other connected devices. You don’t need to set it up or install any software to do this. All you have to do is attach the adapter to one of the USB sockets on your computer and wait for the LED to light up. It will automatically detect connected objects that are nearby. It is the Plug & play system.

With this small device, wave transmission will be stable and fast. This will give you an optimal comfort of use. And for your information, it is able to detect any connected device within 10m of its location. To let you enjoy it to the fullest, it will come with a 3.5mm aux cable and user manual.

For the

Ease of use: You don’t need to be a great computer scientist to use this device. The Plug & Play system ensures optimum ease of use. Just plug it into your computer.

A transmitter and receiver in one gadget: Unlike other adapters, this product allows you to switch between transmitter or receiver mode with just one click. Which is practical.


A larger size: It is true, however, that this accessory is a little larger than other adapters available on the market. Which may interfere with you while using your computer.

6. Carpuride TX9 Bluetooth Transmitter for TV PC

To help you find which Bluetooth tv adapter to choose, we compile the most popular models for a better comparison. The name of this Carpuride product is far from saying everything about its field of use. The gadget does not only allow to transform a television (except the Samsung Smart TV) or a computer into a Bluetooth transmitter, it can also be paired with an iPod, a CD player, MP3 / MP4…. The sound is then transmitted to Bluetooth stereo speakers.

The manufacturer would like to point out that this is a cheaper upgraded version, but still the best Bluetooth TV adapter. Note, however, that the transmitter does not have a built-in battery. To work, it needs USB power, in this case via the TV’s USB port. The designer also advises against recharging via a phone charger or any 5-volt USB outlet.

The transmitter can only be paired with devices with low latency, i.e. less than 40 ms.

For the

The sound: The quality of the sound is certainly the strong point of this product. For once, user reviews do not mention a possible sound malfunction when the device is paired with headphones, in particular.

Accessories: Since all the basic accessories are included in the pack, you no longer need to make additional purchases.


Manual in English: Whether this is the case, some manufacturers feel that this is an unimportant detail. Except that users almost never fail to point it out since it makes it difficult to use the device.

Bluetooth adapter for LG TV

7. ELEGIANT 2-in-1 Transmitter Receiver Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver

The dual-use device, this model is equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 chip, which ensures both good transmission and good reception. Compatible with several kinds of multimedia devices such as television, computer, headphones and various speakers, it is one of the most versatile in its category.

Aside from this feature, its battery power also impresses users with the top of its 600mAh. For only 3 hours of charging, the battery gives you 22 hours of use. The connectors present are just as useful, namely a TOSLINK port, an AUX port, and a 3.5 mm RCA port.

Connoisseurs already know that this model allows a multitude of jobs just with its ports. The manufacturer has not omitted to include a small LCD screen to facilitate the handling of the device, among other things on the change of mode and medium used.

For the

The sound offered: Its aptX HD and aptX LL compatibility will always offer you excellent sound, whatever the mode used, and even if the device is in a charging situation.

Multiple connectivities: It is quite accessible for you to simultaneously associate 2 devices with a transmitter using the latter to enjoy moments of sharing between you.

The battery: How not to fall under the spell of a device which has a great autonomy with its 22 hours of use in TX mode and 18 hours in RX mode, against 3 hours of charging only.


Interference: Users complain about interference encountered when exceeding 10 meters distance.

Philips Bluetooth TV adapter

8. August Bluetooth 4.2 aptX transmitter

Do you have a video on your Smartphone that you want to watch on your TV? You no longer need a USB socket or jack to do this. All you need is an adapter like this August model.

As its name suggests, it is a Bluetooth V4.2 transmitter that will allow you to enjoy the images you have on your Smartphone in a different way. Simply install on your TV screen, it will allow you to access all the content of your mobile device remotely. The synchronization is ideal and the quality of the images and the sound is optimal for good viewing comfort.

The transmitter allows you not only to connect your Smartphone to your television but also a wide range of connected objects such as Bluetooth headsets, connected speakers, etc. Efficient, it is able to operate for 15 hours non-stop before requiring sub-sector assembly.

In addition to the transmitter itself, in the package, you will have a 3.5mm headphone jack, TOSLINK optics, and red and white RCA composite cables to optimize your user experience and minimize noise while watching your videos. videos. Note that this device also allows you to connect with 2 different headsets to help you fully immerse yourself in your movies and share this experience with a loved one. Within the reach of all users, it is a device that is easy to use and install. It does not require any prior setting.

For the

Perfect synchronization with your Smartphone: The synchronization of your Smartphone and the TV will be excellent. There will be no delay neither in the images nor in the sounds.

Synchronization with 2 different headsets: Unlike other adapters, this transmitter can be connected to several devices at the same time: your smartphone and the television, but also with 2 different headsets.


Only compatible with certain types of devices: Note that this transmitter only adapts to a certain profile of Bluetooth devices, namely A2DP, AVRCP, and PBAP.

Connection to be limited: Remember to limit the number of headphones with which to connect your transmitter so as not to jeopardize the quality of the sound.

Sony Bluetooth TV Adapter

9. Golvery Wireless USB Bluetooth Transmitter

The particularity of this device lies mainly in its ability to transmit Bluetooth connectivity. Equipped with an external antenna to amplify its signal, it is equipped with Bluetooth 5, namely the latest designer.

For fans of all kinds of sound, a 3.5 mm jack plug is on this small device with very satisfactory compatibility. Supporting low-latency aptX, the sound quality offered is flawless, whether it is TV or stereo.

To match the competition, the manufacturer opted for USB power, arguably the best way to keep you connected, no matter what. A detail that is not the least, the Plug and Play function, that is to say, that it does not require any particular protocol to operate. All you need to do is connect the device, press the activation button, and then pair it with a receiving device.

For the

The external antenna: Reception improves considerably thanks to the external antenna if you have a receiving device that is not very efficient.

Bluetooth 5: Having the latest Bluetooth upgrade enhances its ability to perform actions and links with associated devices.

The price: It’s not the cheapest in its class, but it does offer good value for money when you look at its options.


Sound handling: It is not possible to change the sound of the transmitting device if the receiver is a computer.

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