Technical Innovations Expected to Change our World in 10 Years

Technical Innovations Expected to Change our World in 10 Years

When you are a kid, teachers often encourage you to think about what the future will hold, and may even go so far as to have the class brainstorm possible inventions. The reality is that within the next ten years, a whole slew of innovations are expected to come our way. Some of these inventions will simply make life easier. Others will empower individuals to get more out of the day and be more productive. For too long we’ve been promised a world with flying cars, teleportation and personal jet packs for use traversing the city. The reality may look very different (do you REALLY trust other people with flying cars or jet packs?), but it is no less incredible.

Contact Lenses and Superhuman Strength

I know, contact lenses are already available, but these are not intended to improve your vision. These little gadgets will rest in your eye and allow pictures to beamed directly onto the retina. The result is that you can have a completely 3D, personal and immersive experience. Watch movies, read messages and play games while resting your eyes. The lenses can also be used to provide information, and help you look up facts on the go.

Speaking of body enhancements, it is also going to be possible to achieve superhuman strength. Suits will be available that can fill this need. Ever wanted to be Batman? At the moment, these suits consist of bulky exoskeletons, but the Wyss Institute is already performing research on soft-skin exosuits intended for medical use is in research right now. As the technology to make these suits improves, it will be possible to create them at a more affordable price. These suits would give paraplegics the ability to walk again, and could enhance the strength of those already fully abled.

Organic Computers and Electronic Tattoos

Computers that use living organisms to function are going to start hitting the market within the next ten years. As computing power increases, the cooling mechanisms to power those computers must also increase. One way to do this is by using bacteria to make electronic components. Scientists will be able to use these bacteria to suspend processors in a type of gel, or to make electronic components.

If you know someone that got a tattoo they regret, this could soon be a thing of the past. Tattoos can be printed on thin membranes that are placed on the body. If you want to change the tattoo, it is simply a matter of programming. In fact, you can even turn an entire portion of your body into a computer display. A somewhat related extension of this is the ability to get electronic makeup. You’ll no longer need to spend hours each day perfecting your makeup. Instead, just select a program and go out the door.

Brain Linking and Enhanced Dreaming

It sounds frightening, but have you ever just wanted to share your brain with another person? With body sharing, it might just be possible to link your brain to an outside infrastructure. When you die, you can live on outside your body. For an even creepier twist, eventually it will also be possible to link into the body of a friend or family member. The concept of brain linking puts a whole new twist on that age-old concept of sharing. According to an Extreme Tech article, we’ve already managed to set up a brain to brain interface between a human and animal, so who knows where the future will lead?

It is also soon going to be possible to share your dreams with another person. In addition, you can have your dreams monitored, and scientists will be able to determine what you are dreaming about. It is already possible to monitor your brain waves as you sleep, so this next step will just provide an additional visual cue. The technology could be included in your pillow. As you sleep, fibers in the fabric will pick up on your mental state and translate your dreams. This could be a useful medical treatment, and a fun way to interact with friends while you are sleeping.


Technology is improving at a rapid rate. As the technology continues to innovate, you can expect to see several enhancements designed to improve your life. These predictions are based on current trends in science, and provide a glimpse into innovations that are just around the corner. As science advances, these new technologies will raise new questions about ethics, the role of privacy and how much we should push technology under the banner of self-improvement.

Brennen Kliffmueller is a tech blogger and futurist who is always looking ahead to see what technologies are in store for us in the future that will lead to an overall improvement. However, he recognizes that not everybody adapts as quickly as others, and so uses services like online faxing to convert his high-tech communications to something lower tech organizations can understand, and recommends using FindAFax to find a service that fits your needs.