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SONO, a cancellation of noise pollution system for your windows

cancellation of noise pollution system for your windows

In the city, urban noise pollution is everywhere. Cars honking, fire sirens, air conditioners, public works, music neighbors, passersby on the street, planes, trains, etc. And if you live near a school, a playground, a bar or a nightclub, do not talk about … The street generates noise and we can not do much about . Even with double or triple glazed windows, it is not always easy to stay in peace and quiet at home.

Our houses and apartments are now designed to limit noise pollution but the windows are weaknesses. They behave as speaker membranes when external noise vibrations affect them.

Like the existing headphones for iPod or iPhone and cancel background noise, “Sono” is a concept that proposes to simply cancel the noise that comes from the street that goes through your glass windows.

Still in the prototype stage, the PA noise device is in the form of a small device that attaches directly to the glass surface of your windows, inside your apartment.

SONO, a cancellation of noise pollution system for your windows2

With an integrated microphone, PA captures sound from the outside and generates exactly the same sound in reverse phase. This is a kind of “against noise” that cancels background noise which clashes auxs windows.

PA is not limited to the mere cancellation of noise pollution. Sono also allows the user to isolate and select specific noise, for example the song of birds park located in front of the apartment, and let it circulate inside, while filtering out sounds that it does not wish to hear traffic as cars on the avenue.

SONO, a cancellation of noise pollution system for your windows3

On paper Sono seems to be a great innovation, but it has not yet passed the stage of the prototype. Devised by Austrian designer Rudolf Stefanich, Live Sound was a finalist in 2013 James Dyson Award which recognizes the best product concepts. Hopefully Sono happen one day on the market to finally find peace in the city.

The video below shows the concept.

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