Smart Bistro Feeder, a gadget for your cat


Smart Bistro Feeder, a gadget for your cat

Bistro Smart Feeder is a gadget designed for all those people who share life with cats and are concerned about their food. With it you can follow this closely and get to know exactly how much food and water you take in every animal.

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If you own one or more cats and once they have had some kind of power problem or simply are curious and want to have controlled the amount of food that they eat, Bistro Smart Feeder is a gadget made ‚Äč‚Äčespecially for you; and, of course, for your pets .

If you have several cats Bistro Smart Feeder detect through recognition of the animal from which it comes so keep track of the amount of food and drink that takes each face. And with the official implementation of Smart Bistro Feeder know in real time when your cat is eating or approaches the trough, so that is an option for those days when we have to leave our cat alone and want to check that this is fed properly. Moreover, the gadget features a scale where the animal will go to lunch, so we can also go watching your weight each time this approach and thus bring greater control.


Smart Bistro Feeder If you find interesting know that it is still a draft and Indiegogo can purchase for about $ 150, but then, if they get that this is released to the market, will be priced at $ 250, so if you’re interested this gadget to be controlled feeding your pet, this is a much more economical way to buy it, and also will be the first to test its effectiveness.