Sentry, SteelSeries, coach your game


Sentry, SteelSeries, coach your game

During the E3 trade show, which continued to be held yesterday, we were able to attend the presentation of a curious gadget: Sentry SteelSeries. This is a gadget for professionals and players making an eye-tracking to see what flaws while you’re playing.

GadgetProfessional gadget

In recent years, the fact is that the number of players who prefer the PC when purchasing video games has increased dramatically. While many of them no longer console already bought most of the games are also available on PC, except for exclusive games, and usually at very affordable prices.

Of course, professional PC gamers, who spend their days training and trying to improve their achievements also exist, as in every console. For this born Sentry SteelSeries, a gadget presented during E3 and focuses on that small part of the public playing video games professionally. What it does is visually track while playing and then compiles statistics with data collected: those times when performance is low, when we have better results … All with the aim of capturing the way in which the user plays and try to improve their results.

Train with SteelSeries

SteelSeries Sentry becomes, therefore, your personal trainer if you want to prepare for a tournament or in the future to compete professionally. It is clear that the players are prepared for these championships are behind many hours of training and large capacities, but these can improve with SteelSeries. Thanks to him we can change those habits that do not benefit us time to play and finish those little small defects that pose our defeat in any professional championship game.