Pd.id the gadget to check the status of your drink


Pd.id the gadget to check the status of your drink

Pd.id is a new gadget with a very curious and very seldom seen to date utility: its peculiarity is to examine the condition of the drink you are going to drink so it does not have any toxic substance and found everything in order.

GadgetDiscover Pd.id

Although it is obvious that Pd.id is not a gadget for everyone, yes it is curious that these functions a gadget goes on sale. It is intended for those people who tend to go out much at night clubs or pubs and sometimes distrust their drinks do not contain any toxic substance that could jeopardize their health and who is there illegally.

Therefore Pd.id notify us if the drink contains an irregularity. Maybe if we had a bodyguard who finds before us everything that we put in our mouth we did not miss, but unfortunately very few puedn have that service. So Pd.id check the temperature at which is our drink, light and conductivity to ensure that our drink does not mean no risk.

How does it work?

You only need to enter the gadget Pd.id in glass drink you’re going to take and just after a few seconds we will know if this is in an optimal state for consumption. It will provide data on the beverage in which you have entered via your smartphone. Although currently it is only a project, if it succeeds, for about $ 75 you donate dberás these days, with Pd.id can make, who would you home in April of next year. And so you would not have to worry when you go out at night by the state of drinks you get.