Meet watchOS 2 and latest Apple watch

Apple Watch

Meet watchOS 2 and latest Apple watch

Among the topics discussed at WWDC held at Moscone Centre, one of which they were highlighted the second version of the apple clock that includes more ways to customize the interface and new features OS.

The first thing they showed us was the way in which we can change the átulas car, allowing us to put several timelapses both urban and natural landscapes, through the option to add a photo or why not? use all your library and change image whenever you check the time.

He also talked about something they call complications that act like widgets so you can check the status of a flight, the battery of an electric car or progress Rings app activity, all within the same screen where you can check the time, date and other things we already know.

Apple WatchWe heard a bit of a new feature called Time Travel, which lets you see what will happen in the near future as events on the calendar and what will the weather at the time of these events, among others. But not only allows us to go forward, we can also have a look to the past to see the news that we lost us back to the present and will require clicking in the Digital Crown.

Another very interesting feature is the mode nightstand where to connect the Apple Watch the stream, it automatically becomes something like an alarm clock as we know, showing the time when any button is touched and sounding an alarm unless the digital crown is pressed to postpone or side button to turn it off.

One of the ads that we expected and in fact was very well received is the arrival of native applications. The way we will benefit from this is fairly simple, many of the apps that are in watchOS 2 are running it directly from Apple Watch, which will shorten the time running and increase the number of functionalities.

Last but not least, also touched on improvements in the applications they already lived, now giving us the opportunity to respond mails directly from the watch, add multiple screens contacts, making strokes of different colors in the same drawing then send it, check the traffic in the Maps application, use Siri to help us with more things like scheduling training sessions and look up words in the dictionary and security by integrating Activation Lock so that, as already happens with the devices iOS, is necessary to enter the Apple ID and password to keep safe all the information on our watch.

Apple has announced that version watchOS 2 for developers will be available from today and offers the possibility of designing applications specifically for the clock, and the same way we did know that this version of the OS will be available for all users later this year.