LaMetric, physical notifications panel

LaMetric, physical notifications panel

We are accustomed to be aware at all times of the notifications that arise with our social networks, emails … On this basis it was decided to create LaMetric, a physical notification panel that will show these on a panel with an LED display.

GadgetAlways aware of your notifications

If you have a powerful in the world of internet business, you sure have your smartphone and your tablet configured to show you in real time your notifications: everything that has happened in your social networks, emails, ads, etc.. This allows us to respond quickly to these, while recognizing that in most cases, the content of these notices is not relevant.

LaMetric developers have thought of all these users who are 24 hours pending any mention on the internet and has unearthed a panel with LED screen that will offer us all the information which is relevant to us in the internet world as you go past We may, of course, tell us what configure this gadget and use it only for the essentials, or if you prefer, for any type of activity.

More about LaMetric

To make this gadget work we connect to the Internet and use your application on your smartphone to choose what we want to tell us. Thus, we can place this device anywhere you want and this will show us real time on your screen all relevant information. Want to make with LaMetric? Well, it’s very easy, you only need to support their Kickstarter project and buy the device for $ 119, an amount perhaps somewhat high for use in a particular way, but it’s a good option for businesses and workers to be aware of the terms they are received everyday and every moment.