How to fix power usage very high in CPU

power usage very high

How to fix power usage very high in CPU

The cause of the high power usage is many times due to overheating. The reason for overheating is that you have run out of thermal paste or because your fan could be broken or even a bug in windows 10. How to fix power usage very high?

To fix this problem it’s important to know first what’s temperate of your CPU, go to: Control panel > system > hardware tab(under device manager) > click on the drop down menu and choose “devices by type” there you will find several options like hard drives,dvd/cd-rom devices etc… select CPU.

power usage very high

How to fix high CPU usage?

First thing you should do is to see if the power supply of your computer is enough. If it is not enough, then you can’t expect to have a low power consumption. So before you start changing any hardware or software settings, first go buy yourself a new and better quality PSU(Power Supply Unit).

The next step in How to fix high CPU usage? would be to check if your motherboard has thermal sensors integrated within them. The simplest way to find out whether your motherboard has sensors (or not) is by checking the manual or searching on google about that specific model of motherboard(if it’s an older model, this might be hard). If it does/doesn’t have the sensors, then there are options for adding some.

The next thing to do is check if your fan is working. To see that, boot into safe mode by pressing F8 as you start up the computer, then open device manager again and go to system devices>Click on “computer” (Or whatever your main boot HDD is named) right-click on the hard drive and choose properties > Hardware Tab >> select Device status.

If you had a broken CPU fan or something like a bug in windows 10(which causes high power consumption), you should be able to see it in there. The best way to fix this would be to update the bios of the motherboard which might solve this problem(if your motherboard has integrated sensors). If it doesn’t have any integrated sensors then I would recommend you to purchase a software like Speed fan and use it to monitor your hardware temperatures.

How to fix high CPU usage in Windows 10?

Windows has a feature which automatically regulates the power usage of an app, but sometimes this happens too much. In order to resolve this, go under: Control Panel > System and Security > Power Options . When the window opens up click on Change when the computer sleeps Click change advanced power settings , next go down until you find processors there are different options like “Maximum processor state”, “Minimum processor state” etc…select Minimum Processor State ( this will make your cpu slow down while idle ) then hit OK.

Why is CPU power usage very high?

The reason your CPU is working so hard to begin with is because some programs are not compatible with Windows 10 and you have no idea it’s running in the background of your PC. Many times this happens due to a certain program (typically antivirus or firewall)running in the background checking for things like viruses, scanning files etc… , if you notice your cpu usage increasing while idle then run task manager and check which applications are using more resources than needed.

Is power usage very high on Task Manager bad?

For the most part it’s not bad, because Windows is just being very inefficient when managing resources. If your CPU usage is always high then there are two things you can try:

Resolving high power usage issues on Windows 10 could be quite simple depending on which way you take to solve this issue. If it’s a bug in Windows itself then installing updates that solves every trending problem might solve your problem(I have personally seen this happening). If it’s an application like antivirus or firewall causing the high cpu usage, I would recommend uninstalling them and disabling unnecessary ones until you find out what’s causing these problems.


Restarting the computer too often can cause a decrease in performance and longevity of your hardware, so it’s not good to shut down or restart your PC frequently. The best thing you can do is set aside time once or twice a week if you want to reboot or shutdown.